Swatch you doin’?

It’s all about swatches here.

I’ve made swatches for the Crochet Guild project.

guild swatches

I made a swatch (well several, actually) for the Soy Cardi

shapely swatch

but no matter how small of a needle I tried, I could not get gauge. Then I remembered that I had another project in my Ravelry queue that also used a dk weight yarn (that’s double knitting weight for the non-knitters. DK is a relatively light weight yarn, but a shapely tee startlittle thicker than you might use for socks). I checked the gauge on the Shapely Tee, and it was a perfect match. Maybe I was just trying to clean out my queue… yeah, that’s it. The moral of that story is if you can’t get gauge for the project you want to do, choose a project that matches your gauge. With all the free patterns on Ravelry, you can’t miss.

Of course, this doesn’t really help with my self-imposed WIP limit. Ideally I would have taken my failure to get gauge as a sign that I really ought not be starting a new project. Nothing doing. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably even start a Pineapple Bag or 2 for the drive to my brother’s house this weekend. I just have to make sure to complete at least one swatch for the Guild project per day. Oh, and to crochet a few rows of the baby blanket for Vicki. Good thing my knitter’s bag came in the mail yesterday – now I have a place for my ungodly number of projects when I am traveling.

I can only figure that my need to start something new is entirely connected to my lack of foster kittens. I am attending a foster orientation on Tuesday, then I am going to love the crap out of a litter of kittens for a week before we go out of town. I can’t wait, I just miss the kittens so much.

We’ve still been getting visitors like nobody’s business. Michael’s sister, Ami, and her husband, Jarrod, stayed a night with us before heading out to see some other friends who live in Colorado Springs. They may be coming back at the end of their trip, the very same day we return from my brother’s house.

ami visits

I know of at least 2 more people who want to squeeze in a trip to see us this year, and quite possibly it will be more like 4. I love having people come visit, and we did buy a house with a guest room for just that purpose, but man, there are a lot of people coming our way. Watch, after this year, we won’t see a soul until we sell the house and move on. It’s just the way of things.

So, I am off to keep on swatching. Good thing I have all this travel time coming up  in which to do it!


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