Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I may not have kittens yet, but since Carisa came to visit I have gotten some yarn craft accomplished. I think it’s time for a list of my WIPs (the links are all Ravelry links):

  1. Blaine’s Blanket – should be done by Memorial Day
  2. Vicki’s Baby Blanket – not for the Vickie pictured in my blog, but one who lives in San Francisco still
  3. Earl Grey – I have no idea why I picked it back up when I have other things with a deadline, but I did
  4. The Soy Cardi – I had a stressful day and cast on something new.  Just a swatch at the moment – and not the right gauge
  5. Clapotis – It’s hibernating, but it’s in progress. I sometimes pick it up and add one row or maybe just a pattern repeat. Weird.
  6. Secret Clapotis – I haven’t cast it on yet, but I may have swatched (I’m actually not sure). The recipient is a secret.
  7. Cat Couch – a gift for the cats, but I can’t get gauge no matter what I do. Hmm…
  8. Colorado Gloves – I haven’t picked these up since the damage to my left wrist. Maybe I’ll get motivated near the end of the fall.
  9. Crochet Guild project. This is due in July or I’ve lost the fee I paid for the master’s certification. As soon as Blaine’s blanket is done, I have to do this. It isn’t hard, I just haven’t been inspired to do it.

I think I have a disease – I wanted to stay below 6 projects and now I’m at 9. It has to be the “forbidden fruit” nature of the whole thing. This really is a serious flaw in my character. I have a pill that I have to take 2 hours after eating and 1 hour before my next meal. It’s 3 hours, so it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? If I take the pill before bed, but after dinner, I end up staying up late because I get hungry before it’s even been 2 hours since my previous meal. I wait the 3 hours and then eat ravenously. I studied Biology in college because it was the hardest subject for me in school. I’m not good with rote memorization – I’m more of an “applied-knowledge” kind of learner. I think I just like to prove that I can do the things that I or someone else tries to tell me I can’t do. You think I learned my limits when I attempted the tiling? No way, I fully intend to try again with the guest bathroom. I want to master it. So maybe the defiant thing isn’t bad all the time, just when limits are involved. To quote Elphaba from Wicked : “I’m through accepting limits, ’cause someone says they’re so.”

I believe that sometime in the next 3 days I will finish at least 1 project. Will it be

earl grey 1 nearly done one of the Earl Greys or

blaine blanket mostly there Blaine’s blanket?

Do I want to knit or crochet? Stay tuned for the answer! (And let’s hope I don’t cast on anything else in the meantime)

Edit: update – I totally found something else to make. There was this pineapple bag pattern (free, no less) that was just uploaded to Ravelry. I mean, doesn’t this just scream “Hawai’i trip”? I told you it was a disease.


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