cornelheating-mat-inhalf-done-tilefinished floor

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The bathroom is really, truly done. The guy in the first picture laid the heating mat and the tiles and came back the next day to grout. After the grout had cured for 3 days, Michael sealed the floor and we reinstalled the toilet. Heh heh… we have a working bathroom with TILE instead of yucky white carpet! Woo hoo!

Carisa came to visit before the bathroom was done, so she was able to get a shot of Michael and me working together. See? He really did help.

install toiletworking together

I have yet to restore the trim. I managed to get the trim that was around the base of the wall off in one piece. We called an audible while the tiling was in progress and replaced that trim with tile. The tile  seemed like a better choice because the kittens will be a bit hard on the wood trim. Wanna hear something ironic? I had to pull the trim off the door in a hurry (to explain why might bring up a disagreement that came up during the backer board install, so I’ll decline to say), and part of that broke. I am hoping to save it, but I may not be able to do so and I’ll have to completely replace that trim. <sigh>

I have, at least, gotten a shelter to call me back about fostering. I have to go to an orientation class, but after that I should have some little ones. The magic date is right after the Memorial Day weekend. I think I might die in the meantime.

There is one other bit of good news I have to share. For some reason, Carisa and I stood next to one another, and the boys noticed something awesome (for me) – I’m taller than she is! It’s the first time in my life that I have been able to say that about someone my age. Check it out!

i am taller It’s a fraction of an inch, but it’s there. Whee! 😀


2 thoughts on “Cured!

  1. You’re getting kittens!!!!! YEA!!!
    They will have a great place to grow up, and will certainly enjoy that nice toasty warm floor.
    Congrats on towering over Carisa! Being taller than someone is fun!

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