When Home Improvement Attacks

A few days ago, Michael and I purchased a drill, consulting my father to find the best one for our purposes. It felt awesome to own at least one good power tool. The reason I bought said drill was to install cabinet hardware in the previously bare cupboards. This should have been a fairly simple project.


“Should have” is, perhaps, the operative phrase here. The first 2 holes I drilled worked well. The drill went straight through the wood, smoothly and quickly. As I worked on the third cabinet, I noticed that the drill did not want to go through the wood and the drill bit started smoking. The drill bits we had were old, so I figured they must have been worn out and decided to go out the next day and get new ones from the hardware store.

The next day, I opened up the chuck, put in the new drill bit, and began working on another cabinet. Still, it wouldn’t go through and the bit started smoking again. I’ve learned from watching home improvement shows that you should dip the drill bit in water to cool it off if that happens, but even doing that did not encourage the drill to work right. A salesperson at the hardware store suggested that maybe I should slow down the drilling because the bits were only rated for 1500 rpm and my drill goes to 2500. Even that didn’t stop the smoking. I was puzzled.

After hours of fighting with the drill, begging it to just do its job, I watched the bit itself to see how it was working. “That’s odd, ” I thought to myself, “is that really the most efficient way for the bit to work?” I pushed a button on the drill and tried 1 more time – success! Folks, the drill was running in reverse. Yep. Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to use power tools. This is not my first time using a drill, so I should have figured that out.

Despite my finally figuring out why the drill bit was smoking, the cabinet hardware project continued to go wrong. First, I made a bad measurement and put one of the knobs a little too far left of center:


Then, I made a good measurement and for some reason unbeknownst to me, ignored it completely:


I did manage to avoid 1 disaster in the making:


Notice where I put that mark? See the hinge? Yeah, wrong side of the cabinet door. I noticed right before I started to drill.

I waited a few days after the drill incident and finished all the cabinets. I had Michael walk behind me and make sure my marks were good. He couldn’t stop me from ignoring them entirely, but fortunately I didn’t do that again. As an extra precaution, I always made sure that the drill was set to run in the forward direction before attempting to make a hole.

I am going to avoid making repairs that involve power tools for a few days, and stick to what I do well – crochet. A friend of mine is having a baby soon, so I think this is a much better project to cross of my list. Forget the house – it can wait.



2 thoughts on “When Home Improvement Attacks

  1. LOL!!! You are soooo funny!! I was laughing my butt off when i read that your problem with your drill was that you were running it in reverse.
    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has thought that they have measured something carefully, and then once you go ahead with it discover that you were wrong, and have no idea how it happened. Been there, did that. You will get better as you go along, just be careful.

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