Still Unpacking

There’s still no knitting, still no kittens, and we’re still unpacking. It would be the latter situation that is causing the 2 former situations. Well, that and some home repairs. There are few leaks, a broken step, and a lack of cabinet hardware to attend to.

My yarn is lonely. I imprisoned it in the craft room, stopping by on only 1 night to put the skeins back into the cabinets that were their previous habitat. I think that people in prison get more visits than the poor yarn. I miss it. Maybe if I find a pattern for a baby blanket I would like to crochet in the near future, I can send it up there like a love letter. Hmm, that would involve setting my computer up with the printer. I’ve run into snags with that and I am currently limited to using my husband’s laptop.

Oh, well, I asked for this. I wanted to own a home, and now its needs come first. Like a spouse. Maybe I’ll have to see the yarn on the side.


One thought on “Still Unpacking

  1. having a love affair with yarn is NOT a sin. Life should be about doing the things you love, and if touching yarn is one of them… then go ahead and do it!

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