Not the Way I Planned it

Sometimes things don’t exactly go as planned.

I brought knit and crochet projects in the car so I had something to do when Michael was driving, but I slept whenever I wasn’t at the wheel. It was probably for the best, given that I had obtained a knitting injury (repetitive stress injury) about a month ago. Yes, I’ve been hiding it from you. I didn’t want to explain why I was continuing to do my yarncraft when I had to keep my left wrist in a brace because I injured it with said craft. For crying out loud, it was my left hand, and what does a right handed person need with a left hand? It turns out that it is impossible to hold small needles with your left hand in a brace – who knew? By the time we started the move, I was tired of fighting the injury. I have yet to knit or crochet in my new home. 😦

My friend Vickie (I’ve known her since middle school, maybe when I was 9 years old?) was supposed to come meet me right away to help me paint the new house before the furniture got here. She lives just 3 hours away, but the weather was vastly different there than here. The area where she lives in Wyoming received so much snow that the highways were closed for 2 days! When the roads were finally cleared, there were predictions for a huge snow storm here.

our-first-snow Yeah, we got a little bit.

So, that plan got put on hold. No matter, that’s what the future’s for.

The bedroom needed to be painted before the bed got here, so Michael and I decided to try that room on our own. We learned 2 very important things from that venture: 1) We hate popcorn ceilings, and 2) a power paint roller is an awesome tool. The hardest part about painting the walls is that they are textured. Even though Michael used painter’s tape on the border between the bedroom and the bathroom, paint spilled under the tape as if we never even tried. Ugh. The same thing happened with the popcorn ceiling. Despite those challenges, I think the room came out well.


After the boxes arrived, the real work started: unpacking. Wouldn’t you know it, just in time for the big unpacking project, I got sick. Fortunately, it wasn’t a respiratory illness, but it was still debilitating. I could stay up for a few hours, run a few errands or unpack a box, but it didn’t take long for the (slight) fever to make me tired. I think I slept away half the day for the past 2 or 3 days. It was only today that I was able to stay up for an entire day, and we finally got the kitchen unpacked. Woo hoo! Now only… oh, the whole rest of the house. Sigh. The rest of the  house looks like this:

unpacking-mess Note the cat lying in the pile of packing paper.

bws-bathing-each-otherOne thing did turn out better than planned – the cats. One night while I was sick, I woke up to the 3 of them snuggling with me and bathing each other. As a matter of fact, they all seem very happy here. Much of the time I see the cats looking out the windows at the new sights, and often I see them sitting on the stairs surveying their new kingdom. Our cats just love empty boxes, and with so many around, it’s become a veritable fort fantasy land. When the cats find a box near the front of the fireplace, nothing can make them move. Buttercup has been overjoyed that her daddy has been home all day. For the feline members of the family, it’s been a thrill a minute.


The only hitch in the whole cat part of the story has been Serra, but I absolutely expected her to have some trouble with the move. Poor Serra didn’t like the fact that strangers kept coming to her house. While the movers were here, she and Buttercup opened a cabinet in the bathroom and huddled together until Michael checked on them. When the phone company guy came over, Serra ran to the bathroom upstairs and spied on us from the safety of the cracked doorway. When it’s just us, though, Serra is friendly and curious about her environment.


So, no knitting and no kittens yet. I won’t make any firm plans (they don’t seem to go the way I expect anyhow), but I hope to have some of both in the next few weeks. Like I need more things to do.


4 thoughts on “Not the Way I Planned it

  1. That sucks about your wrist. I hope taking the break helps you heal so you can get back to your craft. I hope you are feeling better after your fever, too. I have several friends who have been dealing with that virus. No fun!

    Oh, and painters tape…yeah, it sucks! It never works for me…I ended up pulling paint off the walls with it! Your bedroom looks nice though.

    Glad the cats are adjusting well in their new home. I can’t blame Serra for wanting to hide when strangers come around…If I could peek out from behind a bathroom door, I would! lol

  2. I LOVE the color of your bedroom! It’s so pretty.

    I have a love/hate relationship with painter’s tape. Occasionally it works like a dream. More often than not, it requires touching up. I have been using the really expensive green kind, lately, and it is better, but still not perfect. I don’t think there is an easy answer unless you have one heck of a steady and and can just cut in without the tape. I always see them do that on design shows and it is so annoying how perfect at it they are!

    • Ah, poo. Vickie, I was hoping that you had some miracle cure for the textured surface problem. I’m glad to see that we aren’t the only people who can’t make painter’s tape work properly.

  3. That is one of the best pictures I’ve seen of your 3 kitties… all artistically posed like that! And, of course, in classic Barbara style, it has a cat tongue!

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