Running Commentary

11:00am: The packers are here now – they arrived around 9:30 this morning. I’ll update this post a few times today, adding commentary about how things are going. So far, it’ s been good. The packers have been wise enough to ask “Are you sure you want this packed?” and other important questions. They have nearly finished the living room and dining room, and I think they moved on to the kitchen.

Buttercup and Wesley are thrilled about the packing for some reason, doing the “crazy cat run” through the house. Wesley finally settled on the cat tree – he’s helping me supervise. I noticed that there is a box labeled “Cat’s items” in the living room. I think he orchestrated that. Buttercup is keeping an eye on the boxes the packers left on the porch.

Serra, on the other hand, was not thrilled with the invaders who came in to hide her stuff in boxes. She ran under the bed when she saw the packers do the pre-packing walkthrough – so much for Serra’s career as a security guard. I am pretty sure that Buttercup and Wesley told her that we are getting rid of her, though, because Serra has been way nicer to me the usual.


11:00pm: Yeah, well, about that running commentary… Carisa kidnapped me after lunch. We were just supposed to go to Target to pick up a few things Carisa needed. Mmm hmm. A trip to Michael’s and 2 Home Depots later (and a stop at Carisa’s house), 7 hours had passed. The packers finished packing, but they missed my wedding dress. We’ll have to point that out tomorrow. In the meantime, Carisa took me from the stress that was my house being packed up and gave me a good day instead. You know, this just might work out.

12:16am: Carisa, Ryan and Tim stayed over to play a few games of Rook before we parted for the night. Michael won. Tonight, our house looks like this:


You know, I think this might really happen.


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