Stepping into a New Stage

The bottle-feeders have reached 19 days of age without incident. I mean, sure, they nearly killed me with their demanding feeding schedule, but on the whole I am glad to have had them. Really, who wouldn’t want all this cute improving her home?



I really love this stage of kitten development. They don’t need to be fed on an unreasonable schedule anymore, and they are starting to develop into kittens I can identify with. Cashmere, for example is the happiest kitten ever. I love the way she purrs after each meal.

(That would be Lanolin crying in the background. She had already been fed, but she likes the attention and couldn’t stand to see me holding <gasp!> someone else)

Today I let the kittens roam on the  carpet after their lunch. I steamed it a few days ago, so now I feel reasonably confident that the little ones aren’t being exposed to anything that would hurt them. I think they liked their new found freedom, but at the same time it’s a little scary. I love how they call me the whole time they are roaming, only growing quiet when they realize that mommy is right in front of them.

It’s fascinating to watch the kittens doing anything for the first time – there is a lot for them to learn. Flax, for example, was so busy sniffing the carpet that he really didn’t move much. The girls all tried their little legs, wandering around looking for the familiar. I am guessing that on the next outing they will be a little more likely to explore the new smells and objects they encounter.

As cute and wonderful as the little ones are, I have to let them go tomorrow. I am splitting them up into pairs for some of the other foster parents. Apparently, I am the only one foolish enough to take more than a pair of the little ones on at a time. I hope they make their new parents as happy as they made me. Yea, kittens!


4 thoughts on “Stepping into a New Stage

  1. Cashmere is the happiest kitty with the loudest purr! Just precious! I’d forgotten how loud tiny baby kitties are! I love their meows!

    I hope they do well with their new foster parents. I’m sad for you having to let them go.

  2. Hearing all of the mewing for you reminded me of how it was with our now 15 year old cat when we first got her when she was 2 weeks old. She was then and still is the joy of our life.

    You are such a good mom, getting them to this stage of their young lives. We need more people like you.

  3. You’re good people. I just happened to be thinking of my little cat at home (I’m away at college), so I typed “kittens” on google. Shiloh, my cat was a stray that I rescued. Keep up the good work. You’re a credit to society.

    • Thank you, that’s a very kind thing to say. If you ever think about getting into fostering, let me know!

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