Fresh Eyes

lanolin-can-seeA few days ago, Lanolin opened her eyes just a little. Today, they are completely open. It was right about when she began to be able to see the world that Lanolin started having trouble sleeping. I would feed her and potty her, but while all the other kittens were passing out from all the excitement, poor Lanolin would just cry for about an hour before she could get any rest. After days of consoling her (I swear it’s been weeks, but time drags on when you don’t sleep), I finally figured out the trick. After her meals, and after she’s been pottied, I turn her over and rub her tummy in firm, long strokes, like squeezing the last little bit out of a tube of toothpaste. In just a few seconds her cries turn into purrs, and when I place her in the pile of kittens so she falls asleep as fast as the others do. Being someone who has trouble sleeping, I felt so sorry for the poor thing, and I’m just glad I could help her. Maybe I need to get someone to massage my tummy when I can’t sleep!

This morning I moved all the kittens out of their carrier and onto my lap so I could add a freshly laundered fluffy bed and a warm heating pad. I hadn’t fed them yet, so when I looked down to find the kittens and put them back, I saw 4 little kittens lined up on my stomach kneading and suckling away! It was so funny – they smelled me and immediately thought, “Mommy!”. I guess they just assume that I can perform the required duties if I try hard enough. Ah, baby logic.

Yesterday, a group of girls from the spinning class I took over the summer came for one last get together before I move. I told none of them (well, except Naomi because she is in my knitting group as well) about the kittens. One of the girls put her things down as she came into the door and said, “It’s a good thing you don’t have kittens now or I’d be putting them in my pocket when I leave.” I led her to the carrier and lifted the blanket on top – “Oh! They’re so tiny,” she exclaimed. Despite all the threats of kitten theft (and one particularly insistent threat of Wesley theft), all of the felines in this house are present and accounted for as of this morning. I think it is impossible to have a failed event with kittens in attendance.


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