What Happened to…?

I’ve been lucky this year in that some of my favorite foster kittens have ended up in homes where the parents give me updates. Wisteria (now Kilala) went to Naomi who tells me about how rotten “my kitten” has been since we last spoke. The attitude that she had as a kitten (only wanting to eat on her schedule, hissing at the poop in her cage) has grown with her, and now she steals fiber, destroys her toys, poops outside the litter box and blames it on the dog. Her daddy seems to think that she can do no wrong, but her mother knows better.

Carrot is also in a home from which I get updates. Her mother sent pictures a few days ago, and wow is she cute. I can tell she is treated like a princess there.


I’m not sure how I will feel about the bottle-babies I have now. At this point, all they do is eat, poop, and keep me from getting a full night’s sleep. Not that I mind – I’m just happy to have any kittens at all. I’m just not sure that they will develop enough personality for me to fall in love before I have to let someone else take over. Not that I don’t love them all now – it’s just a different sort.

The new formula we’ve been using has really helped the experience of fostering kittens who have not yet opened their eyes. The amazing thing is that their poop has been getting better, not turning to diarrhea like the with old formula. They don’t constantly cry, and they sleep well. I think that these kittens might have a better chance of survival than my previous umbilical-cord clad neonates. Woo-hoo!

On a less happy note, a stray cat just appeared on my porch a few moments ago. This would not be a problem for most people who like cats, but if you recall, Buttercup hates other cats. I only knew about the stray because I heard pieces of furniture being knocked over in the living room and entry way. As I ran out to see what happened, I saw Buttercup trying to annihilate a cat on the other side of the front door. The last time this happened, she tore tons of soft tissue in her lower body and ended up at the emergency vet. From there she picked up a new, virulent strain of Calici (an upper respiratory infection that causes sores on the inside of the mouth, and in this new strain, on the outside of the face, primarily on the nose) and brought it home to the other 2 cats. Two hospitalizations and few thousand dollars in vet bills later, the whole thing was cleared up – until the cat showed up on my porch again. I trapped him and brought him to the city shelter. He failed the temperament test and was to be killed, so I paid the adoption fee and found him a place at a sanctuary far from my home.  If this goes like last time, all 3 cats will be seriously ill just in time for the move. Whee!

Despite all the excitement with Buttercup, I am finally winding down a bit from the last kitten feeding. I’ve been waking up to feed them roughly every 4-5 hours, but they can tolerate about 6 hours in a pinch. Soon they will be moving on to a standard 6 hours between feedings, but I don’t want to go to that level until a) they have all gained weight steadily (so far, all of them have been) and b) their eyes are open. It should only be a few days now – little Lanolin’s left eye is open enough that it looks like she’s dozing off. I can see that the corners are cracking open in all but the littlest kitten’s eyes.  Michael will be doing the first morning feeding (i.e after the sun rises) so that maybe I can get a little uninterrupted sleep. The bright side of doing these late night/early morning feedings is that I have plenty of quiet time to write my blog posts. The downside is that the posts might be a little incoherent. Bear with me, it’s only a little longer.


4 thoughts on “What Happened to…?

  1. Kilala wants to know where her pictures are? Also she wanted me to point out a few, yes only a few, of the things that you forgot to mention that she does. Like destroying of the couches and the dislike she has for my cobalt blue drinking glasses when she sees them just sitting on the coffee table- she just has to make sure they are smashed up. Then she loves them- pretty shiny pieces of glass that she can kick around the house. Now to get her off my head, so she stops whispering in my ear. My next couches will be low, just so she can’t get into this position.

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