An Interesting Day

Tuesday was one of the more eventful days I’ve had recently. Carisa’s mom and I were planning to go to the Japanese Tea Garden when the weather cleared up. As we headed downstairs and started loading up the car, Laurie (Carisa’s mom) noticed my front driver’s side tire was flat. No big deal, I can change a flat… I thought. We got the hubcap off, we jacked up the car, but when we tried the lug nuts – they were stuck. I leaned into the wrench, but there was nothing doing. We tried liquid wrench, but it didn’t loosen the stupid things. I called Michael, who looked up what to do when the lug nuts won’t budge, but the only suggestions were the things we already tried. Well, they also suggested you call a professional.

grease-stain-on-face (See, I really did work on the car. Apparently I tried to remove the nuts with my teeth!)

In the end, we had to call AAA to send out a guy to remove the stupid nuts. It turns out they were put on with one of those shop tools and no human being could remove them. I thought these things were supposed to be set up so you could remove them in an emergency – what gives? We got the donut on the car, cancelled our trip, and made plans to get new tires.

It turned out to be a good thing I got a flat tire before the move. The tires were worn to exactly the point when you should replace them (the tread measure 3/32 inches in most places), so I just got 4 new all-weather tires. I was originally going to have snow tires installed on the car, but the sales person at Sears told me that, while he would sell them to me, it would be a mistake. Because the weather here is too warm for them, they would get ruined in a hurry. Plus, even though we are planning to drive through the Rocky Mountains in the snow, the salesperson said he thought they wouldn’t even get us all the way to Colorado. I learned that snow tires are made of a softer rubber that just wears out in normal conditions. The better bet is to get chains and install them if there are chain checkpoints along the road. These are good things to know if I am going to experience snow again.

While I was on the way to get the new tires, I got a phone call.

last-4-in-sf These little ragamuffins lost their mother and needed someone to love them! I told Toni that I would take any kittens that could live in a carrier, so she immediately thought of me when they came in. Since I was in a fibery mood from going to Stitches, I’ve given them fiber themed names: Lanolin, Flax, Cashmere and Angora. I am not sure which are girls and which are boys, so I thought unisex names were best.

The babies are 5 days old (well, I guess today they are 6 days old, technically) and they still have umbilical cords. They came to me on Wednesday, just before my knit night crew came over.


These little guys were popular! I had to feed and potty them once while everyone was here (they are at the feeding every 4 hours stage), so the girls took turns holding the little guys while I was taking care of each of them in turn. I can’t tell the black ones apart yet, but after I fed 1 of them, he/she purred the sweet little clicking purr that you only get from kittens this small. I let Naomi hold him for awhile after that, and as she pet him he kept rewarding her the same way! Before I fed him, he tried to nurse on any part of her hand that he could reach.

I am sure that this means I am easy a sucker a good mom, but it was just love at first sight! Most people with an upcoming move in 3 weeks wouldn’t be taking kittens, but I tell you, having them back in my life makes it all feel right again. Kittens make me smile. They take my stress away. They make me feel like I am needed. I really love that.

robins-scarfI actually had some time between feedings to work on a scarf that my aunt commissioned me to make for a friend of hers. It’s turning out just lovely. I am using one strand of Persian, a yarn that Joann’s discontinued (!) and one of Stork sock weight yarn in baby blue. The Persian is what really makes the scarf – it’s 100% nylon and THE softest yarn I’ve ever touched. When I was at Stitches, Carisa discovered that Crystal Palace makes a yarn called Whisper that is almost identical to the Joann’s yarn, so I feel a bit relieved that this won’t be the last thing I ever make that is this soft. You know, I need to read the washing instructions on this stuff. If I can wash it reasonably easily, I can totally see making kitten blankets with it. I have sick little fantasies of lining up tiny little kittens on the softest bedding that ever existed. They would forget all about that momma they lost and fall in love with me, the provider of all things wonderful. Sigh.

For the next few days I am going to be up at ungodly hours feeding the babies. They can’t eat much at one time – their tummies are so tiny! They are due for their next feeding sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 this morning. Who knows, it may work out with the hormone induced insomnia. It feels good to be a kitten mom again.


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