Loose Ends

The last few weeks and the next few coming up are all about tying up loose ends. Sometimes literally

carisas-afghan-finished as in Carisa’ afghan,

but more often it’s been on the figurative side. I could have moved to Colorado months ago, or at least a few weeks ago when we closed on the house; instead, we chose to stay for Carisa’s 30th birthday party. Carisa’s whole family came to town from Green Bay, Wisconsin to help her celebrate. Carisa’s mom has been bunking with me. It was quite convenient at first with both of us making things for the party. After that was over, her mother and I just chatted like schoolgirls on a sleepover. We went to Stitches on Sunday (can you believe they wouldn’t let you take cameras in?). Today was my first day off from all the festivities –  Carisa took her family to see the Winchester Mystery House. I stayed at home to work on my gloves.

Not that I need them. Kyle, who is looking after our place until we get there, said it’s been in the low to mid 70s (°F, that is) this past week. It’s been in the mid 50s here. Hmm.

Carisa’s mom is a crafter like the rest of us. She loves to knit and crochet (she has been working on mittens while she’s been here), and she adored Stitches. We saw so many different fibers and fiber arts there. I learned about locker hook rugs (not that I need a new hobby, but I think one found me) and Naomi found the most amazing knitter’s purses. I think I need one, but given the price of them I think I need to put more consideration into the possible purchase. I bought a ton of yarn and fiber – I even found an 8oz. bag of cashmere fiber in a bin! When I brought it to Jamie at her Urban Fauna booth, she commented on what a good price it was. I felt awesome. At the end of our trip, Carisa and her mom presented me with a bag of wool locks as a thank you present for letting Carisa’s mom stay with me. Don’t tell anyone, but Carisa’s mom’s presence has been quite a treat for me – I can’t stop chatting with her.

Ah, that will be the last fiber show I see while I live here. I think in the future, fiber trade shows will be a reason for me to come visit my friends in San Francisco. Maybe I won’t have to stop going to them when I move.

It’s weird to realize “this is the last time I will do this” or “this is the last time I will go here.” It’s almost surreal. Moving East has always felt to me like the return to reality from a fairytale land. When I moved to Florida from Hawai’i it was a pretty cruel jolt, as a matter of fact. I had to wake up 5 hours earlier than I was used to so I could get to school. In Hawai’i, Fridays were shorter than the rest of the school week. In Florida, it was back to the old “every day’s the same” feeling. I don’t know, maybe I’m just strange, but leaving California gives me the same feeling of coming back to reality.

I thought for awhile I might have seen my last foster kitten in San Francisco, but just a few days ago I asked Toni to send some bottle-feeders my way. We still get the occasional orphaned kitten this time of year. The only catch is that the kittens have to be able to live in the crib I have for them – I have no kitten room any more. I still have not seen a kitten, but I have 3 weeks left. I must be crazy to be that lonely for kittens.

With no kittens, I feel I have very little to say. I mean, sure, I still do my fiber arts, but let’s face it – the knitting/crocheting isn’t half as cute as a fuzzy kitten face. The knitting doesn’t get sick or learn to walk for the first time. Thank goodness the knitting doesn’t poop, because with the way I let the projects run freely around my house, I’d have a mess. I don’t think it would be easy to litter train an afghan. The thing is, it doesn’t get out of bed and come happily running to see me when I open the door, either.

I am a glutton for punishment.


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