Good Housekeeping

It’s a shame that I am not a better house keeper. Sure, you won’t get food poisoning from my kitchen, and if you’re taking a shower or bath, you’ll come out clean. However, if you move a piece of furniture…


you find mice. Not the living kind, mind you, the kind that cats play with and lose under the furniture, thus prompting them to come whining to you that they have nothing to play with. I suppose I should expect this, given the sheer number of cats that come through my house in a year. Because I have these lovely little fur children in my home, people bring me presents for them to play with. I mean lots of presents. My cats and foster kittens want for nothing – they are spoiled.

outed-cat-toys There are cat toys everywhere, even in plain sight.

As part of the move, Michael and I have been sorting through the things we’ve collected over the years. We’ve found clothes, furniture and other random items that we no longer need. Some things are being recycled, others are given to charity, yet more are given to friends, and the things that are broken find a new home in the trash (I should have thrown these things out long ago, but you know how well I keep house.). The cat toys are facing a similar fate. Carrot’s new family received a modest donation of toys with her adoption. Kilala (Wisteria when she lived with me) is going to receive a “just because” pile of toys. A friend of mine who just adopted 2 kittens will get some, too. The worst part is, even when all these toys are distributed, my cats will still have too many toys left over. Dude.

Besides the sorting, I have been furiously knitting. I plan to finish gifts I started for my friends before I leave and have to ship them back. I think the shipping cost is a bit of a knitter’s ADD tax. Can’t stick to one project? Well, now you have to pay to ship it back when you could have just given it to that person for free while you were around.

The other thing that has kept me busy is my social schedule. So many people have wanted to see us at least once more before we go. I want to take the time here to tell all my friends how much I appreciate you. You see, almost every one of you has told me that you look forward to my blog posts, and many of you check every day just to see if I happened to take a few minutes to jot down a few words (even my husband does this, and he lives with me. I guess it gives him insight into my perspective). It means a lot to me that you care that much about what I have to say. It means a lot that you make time to go on outings or have meals with me. I enjoy every moment I get to spend with you guys, and I really hope that our friendship doesn’t end just because I am leaving. I do have a guest room and 2 dining tables that seat a total of 14 people (maybe 18 if I add the folding chairs). My friends are always welcome. Of course, I’ll make time to come see you, too.

There may be mice under my furniture, but neglecting the housework just gave me more time for my friends. I’ll take good friends over good housekeeping any day.


2 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping

  1. Actually, you can have both good friends and a clean house. Check out our speed cleaning tips and my blog on for my favorite product recommendations and ideas. One great find for pet owners, like you, is the Scotch Fur Fighter from 3M. We reviewed it in our February issue and it removes pet hair from upholstery more quickly than anything we’ve tested at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute! Good luck with your move.

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