Cat Fur on the Walls

I have officially stared preparing to move. I got up early Monday morning and really cleaned out my kitten room. I am not sure how this happened, but there was cat fur on the walls all the way up to the crown molding. I saw much more of it on the wall with the heat vent, so I suspect it has something to do with air currents. The only other explanation I have is that there have been some shockingly athletic kittens in my kitten room!

Now that the room is clean, I plan to store boxes in it. I hate having random boxes just lying around the hallway like we do now. I am not exactly what you would call “graceful,” so on more than one occasion one of my lower extremities has forcefully encountered the boxes. I should add that these boxes have books in them. You do the math.

Now that the move is officially real, my mind cannot stop working on all the minute details. I woke up at 2:00 this morning with some obsession about what color I want to paint my walls downstairs. I was dreaming about the painting process, and it just continued to work my mind into a waking state. Fortunately these sorts of dreams seem to be useful to me – I realized that I have to paint the bedroom before the bed in particular is moved in. You see, the mattress is a California King sized Tempur-Pedic – it weighs at least 125 pounds. Add in the bed frame (heavy wood, 4-post) and the foundation and I’ll seriously injure myself trying to move that sucker. I am not sure about the logistics of painting before the bed arrives given that we should arrive at our new place right about when the furniture does. Yikes!

Since I’m on the subject, I picked out a few paint colors before coming back to San Francisco on Saturday. I chose a gray-blue for the bedroom, and a grayish shade of purple for the master bathroom. I thought about doing a sponge-paint job in the bathroom, but after trying out several options on a piece of poster board, I learned that I wouldn’t like the look as much as I previously thought. Besides, the walls are all textured and I’m not sure that a sponge paint finish would look good anyway.

I know I am going to paint the living room green, but I haven’t selected a shade yet. I am thinking that my yarn cabinets might hold inspiration. I plan to buy purple living room furniture (currently, we only have a sleeper-sofa, but that will likely end up in my craft room), and I have a tan area rug with purple flowers on it. I think a sage green should look good. The trouble is that the kitchen is open to the living room, so I think the colors ought not clash. I started thinking a pumpkin color would be good, but I actually despise orange and I’m not sure how long I would like it. I am leaning toward something the color of coffee with milk in it at this point.

I cannot believe this was important enough to wake me after only 5 hours of sleep, but this is how my mind works. I have both kinds of insomnia. The early waking insomnia seems to be triggered by a the stress of a busy schedule, but I can’t quite figure out the slow sleep insomnia.

Upon waking at 2:00am, I walked around the house trying to figure out how to calm my mind. Suddenly I remembered, “I’m a knitter!” Knitting is meditative, so I figured it would quiet my mind and allow me to return to bed. Nothing doing, but I did finish Michael’s scarf.

michael-in-colorado-scarf Kind of nice, no?

co-scarf-angle co-scarf-natural-light

At least the early morning hours are good for knitting.


2 thoughts on “Cat Fur on the Walls

  1. I had a giggle picturing super athletic kittens leaving hair on your walls! lol

    I painted our bedroom before we moved in, too. It does make it much easier, but we were only moving across the city and not to a different state, so it made it an easier task. Good luck! Oh, I did sponge painting in our bedroom, too. Dark blue undercoating with a light blue faux finish on top. It looks like waves on our walls. It’s my favorite room!

    Insomnia sucks! I’ve been waking up nearly every hour lately. I think it has something to do with my head cold and not being able to breath…I hope you get some sleep before the big move!

  2. You should let me know the details on your move and maybe I can come down for a couple of days and help you paint. I actually enjoy it and I’m very meticulous. And an entire house is a lot of work for one person (it is much more fun with company). And of course I’d love to see you and Michael!

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