Closing Time and Blogiversary

If you would have asked me when I started writing this blog what I thought I would be doing a year from then, I would never have guessed that I would be closing on a house in Colorado.  I might have told you that I hoped to have purchased a house, but I would have thought that house would be in San Francisco. I didn’t know that I was going to learn to spin yarn, much less that I was going to acquire a spinning wheel. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that I would passionately love 2 little girl kittens whom I would have to give away (I’ve always loved my kittens, but in a more impermanent way). It just goes to show that no matter what plans you might make for yourself, surprising things just come up.

The closing on the house today went smoothly. Michael spent the morning making sure that everyone had all the documents they needed (it turns out the companies involved in the transfer process procrastinate to the point of endangering an on-time transaction), and by the time we had to close, everything was in line. We signed a billion documents. We chatted with the sellers and our respective agents. And in the end, we got the key to our new house! The sellers are still moving out tomorrow, but we will be coming in Saturday morning to do a few things to the place before we go. Holy cow, we’re homeowners!

I’ve started 2 projects, both in commemoration of the house purchase, and because these are things Michael and I will need for living in a slightly colder climate.  Michael needed a scarf (he tells me he has never actually worn a scarf before. Really? He was born in Pennsylvania…) and I needed gloves. I’ve made more progress on Michael’s scarf than my gloves, largely because his project is a little simpler and quicker to complete. I also tried to stop myself from starting the gloves because I had other projects that were really long past due. I’ve completed many of those projects, so I now feel I can work on the gloves. I’ve picked out a stitch pattern and cast on the ribbing. I think I’ll post the pattern for both of these projects when I’ve completed them.


(The lighting for these pictures was kind of poor – the only white background I had here in the hotel was in the bathroom.)

I am happy to say that, of the works in progess I had a year ago, only one of them remains uncompleted – Carisa’s afghan. The afghan is an active project as of a few days ago, and I expect it will be finished before I leave San Francisco. Shall we see what is on my hooks and needles now? I’ll include links for those of you who are on Ravelry.

  1. Carisa’s Afghan. We knew this. The only holdover from last year, and first on the priority list for this one.
  2. Colorado Scarf. The second priority, a project of my own design. Michael is going to need this. Apparently, we’ve chosen to move during the months in which Colorado gets the most of its snow. Fabulous.
  3. Colorado Gloves. Pressing, but not too big of a priority. Also a project of my own design. I’ll need a good pair of gloves for snow-land, but I do have serviceable store-bought ones to tide me over.
  4. Blaine’s Baby Blanket. Fortunately, this is 1 of only 2 afghans on my list. I meant to have fewer in progress so I could enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project more often. I’d like to get this one done by Blaine’s birthday in June, and hopefully I can deliver it to him myself given that we will only live 7 hours away from my brother’s family by then.
  5. Earl Grey. I started this when I joined the San Francisco one-sock-a-month group on Ravelry. Sadly, I have only completed maybe ½ of one of these in the 5 months since I joined. Oh, well.
  6. Clapotis. I like the pattern, it’s just that the poor thing had to go to the bottom of the queue in order to make way for things I was giving to other people or things that I needed more urgently. This in only decorative, I’m afraid.
  7. Cat Couch. I’ve been meaning to make something for my cats to call their very own. My kitties are so very appreciative of all my yarn projects. The like to lie on the blankets, they’ll snuggle with a sweater, and they give a fair shake to all the toys I’ve created for them. They deserve something nice. Maybe it should be higher on the priority list.

I notice that I have 2 fewer WIPs than last year. I wanted to reduce the number of things I had going at one time. While I wanted to remain below 6, I think it’s ok to be where I am, given that I actually have utility projects on the list. I have plans for future projects, but none are afghans (whew)! I am going to design a sweater for myself, given that I have yet to find a pattern that works for me. Strangely, I have no desire to cast on something new right now. What have I become?!


2 thoughts on “Closing Time and Blogiversary

  1. I’m so glad your house closing went well. I agree that the companies do try to hold up progress by waiting until the last possible minute. They did this to us and made us close a week later than we should have! At least you had a good experience.

    I hope your scarf and gloves come out nice. I can’t believe someone from PA has never worn a scarf. I’m in NY and wear one every time I leave the house! Yeah for finished projects! I really need to get working on a few things that I’ve started and pushed into hibernation…mainly Darling Hubby’s Gatsby sweater I started in July.

    Oh, and Happy Blogiversary!

  2. How can you say that?! You DON’T have the desire to cast on something new? Are you trying be a little more monogamous to your current projects? I’m impressed.

    I’ve been on the same one project for over a month. It’s a very weird feeling to want to keep working on the same thing, when you have fate tempting you to start something new every time you look at your stash.

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