Old foes

One thing no one can ever accuse me of is being vain. Otherwise, I wouldn’t show you this:


I look stoned here, and really huge. I have put on weight recently – ever since the end of November/beginning of December  I have put on about 1 pound a week. Heck, I ate only a bowl of oatmeal and a baby carrot one day and the next morning I had gained ½ pound. I am taking this up at my endocrinologist’s office next week, as it might be a sign that my hormones are unbalanced again. It could be the thyroid hormones, or I may no longer be pre-diabetic. We’ll just have to see. I have also been very sick from all the traveling. I think I slept about 40 hours out of a 48 hour period this weekend. I believe I am getting better now, just in time to head to Denver tomorrow.

So, why would I post this picture? Because I finally remade the neckline on Blaze, and it worked! Michael is asleep, so I had to set the timer on my camera so I could show you my masterpiece. The sweater is still too big for me, which is why I am giving it to a friend from the shelter. But finally, it’s no longer looking at me from my WIP bin, mocking my incompetence. HA!

I also beat down another opponent that has been making regular appearances here since I started blogging (a year ago in just a few days, actually). These:


are also off my to-do (or rather, to-avoid-at-all-costs) list. I photographed Michael modeling these the other day just to prove that the first sock does indeed have a mate now. I won’t be able to present them to Donald this week, but hopefully he will be in class in 2 weeks so I can present him with the kilt hose then.

I have no idea why knitting projects become enemies. I always start them so enthusiastically, but at some point certain projects become things I want to avoid. My best guess is that they are projects in which something has gone wrong. I can say for certain that with Blaze, I was just so crushed by the fact that I spent forever working on it, only to have yet another sweater that does not fit me. My friends have always told me that if anyone could solve a knitting problem, it’s me. It’s not that I didn’t believe them – knitting is one of the few things in which I am willing to admit I have talent. I can look at something and sculpt it from yarn in the same way a marble sculptor can release something recognizable from a hunk of rock. I think my problem is that I find it hard to look my failures in the face.

With the kilt hose, the problem was that I had to remake them about 3 times before they were right. The first time, the socks were too tight around the calf and too short. I had to rip back the sock and start the increases earlier, and I had to add more of them. On the second iteration, I made enough increases, but I failed to take into consideration that when a sock is too narrow, it pulls some of the fabric from the length to make up for the lack of circumference. That’s why mass produced socks fit so many people despite our very different foot shapes. As long as the volume is the same, the exact measurements don’t really matter. On the third attempt, the width and the length were correct in the leg, but the whole heel/gusset area was a little too tight. While this is still a problem, I convinced Donald to try to live with it. The thing is, Michael told me that after wearing his kilt hose for awhile, the things that fit perfectly started to hang a little loosely. I think that the fabric relaxes a little over time, and I don’t want to remake something that just needed to be broken in. The ghillies we dance in start out really tight as well, but in a month or so they start to conform to your foot and stretch out. If they fit just right when you get them, they’ll be too big before long. So, I think that I hated the socks because I remade them so many times, only to have them turn out less-than-perfect.

I suspect that with most of the projects I learned to hate, I could come up with reasons just like the ones I just described. I wonder, do you other knitters have insight as to why you come to hate a project you were just thrilled to cast on?


One thought on “Old foes

  1. “I wonder, do you other knitters have insight as to why you come to hate a project you were just thrilled to cast on?”

    To that, I say… I’ve tried and tried again to wear socks I’ve made myself, but they just are uncomfortable on my feet. I start to think about casting on more socks, thinking that the next pair will be the ones that change it all, and then, I am left with that same disappointment. On top of all of it, I still need to make the second sock so I could at least give them away as a useable item to someone else. Ack…

    That’s just the only one project that I can consistently get hateful towards. Everything else I just grow bored of, or get stressed to finish by a deadline. No hatred in those cases…

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