Moving too fast

wesley-sillyThe world is moving to fast for me. I kept thinking that I had plenty of time to do things, but when I started scheduling all the last get-togethers with my friends and trying to make plans to see and do all the things I need to before I leave San Francisco, I realized that I am not going to be home for much of the remaining time we have here. We have practically 2 solid weeks of travel coming up, mostly business trips for Michael. One of them happens to be in Florida, so we will go see Lane and Jen when we get there. Another trip is to Denver, the same week we are closing on the house (just like we planned). It just feels overwhelming right now. I just thought there was more time. I think I lost  a lot of it due to sickness. Gotta love air travel.

I mentioned in my last post 2 things I needed to do that were the most pressing. I have done neither. To be fair, the Wesley thing resolved itself. I believe that he might have been lonely since the kittens and his parents went away. Every time he got the chance, Wesley hung out in Michael’s or my lap for the first few days after we got home from the house hunting trip. It wasn’t long before the little guy was himself again. The car thing will have to wait until I get home and am <gasp!> foster kitten-less.

michael-letting-carrot-goWe brought Carrot home the day we got back. I called her new mother the next day and arranged her adoption and Carrot was spayed on Tuesday (yesterday). Tomorrow, my sweet Carrot will leave my home for the couple who was meant to have her all along. I kept her tonight because the poor thing hadn’t yet recovered from the anesthesia. Her eyes were dilated and she freaked out around my cats. Carrot couldn’t walk a straight line, and she would lie down next to her toys so she didn’t topple when she reached for them. About 10:00pm she started to become the Carrot I know and love. She jumped onto my lap and rested her head on my heart. I think it must be her way of saying “thank you for taking care of me.” She’s going to be just fine in her new family. Despite the pull I’ve felt to adopt just one more before I leave, I know it just isn’t meant to be. <sob>

I do have the other 4 kittens to distract me from my grief. The boys have all made weight, so I am taking them back to the shelter every day to try to get them adopted. Esme is about 170g away from being ready herself. The only problem: she has ringworm. At least I think it is. It glows under the black light, but other foster parents who looked at it thought it could be chin acne. It really is presenting unusually – there is no fur loss, but there are a lot of dark, crusty scabs like pimples on her chin. Either way, I washed her and they boys with Malaseb and lyme/sulfur dip to hopefully stop the spread of the fungus. I have a suspicion about how they caught it.

carrot-paws It seems a certain Carrot doesn’t understand that she is not a baby and can’t play with the little ones.

The little ones do look great, though. Ernest is fluffy and handsome. Emo has the same fluff and sweet personality as Ernest. Esme still steals her daddy’s heart. And Widget is action man! He really knows his way around a kitten toy.


Over the weeked I had a spinning party. Only 3 of us from the spinning class I took last summer could make it, but we had a great time. As a result of the party, I got custody of this:

drum-carder (a drum carder) which turns this:

loose-fiber(loose fiber)

Into these (kindly modeled by Carrot, who went all kid-in-a-candy-store on me):

carrot-models-batt(fiber batts)

which turn into this when I spin them:


I haven’t yet had time to make any more fiber batts, but I have to transfer custody of the drum carder to Naomi while I am out of town, so I had better get to it soon. It’s just that I’ve been busy.

Later that night I went to a party for a friend from my knit group, Celia. She was celebrating her birthday with her father, Jack. I learned that Jack was the Poet Laureate for San Francisco not long ago. That’s kind of cool in my book.


And finally, I finished the dishcloths for my contest winners. The pictures aren’t in the best focus, but you can look anyway. Which ones will you get, Sara and Anne-Catherine? You’ll never know until you open your mail…


Here are the Ravelry links in case anyone wants the patterns:

Kitty Love

Moon Gazing

All Tangled


4 thoughts on “Moving too fast

  1. Wow! You do have your plate full! I’m sure it will all work out. When are you closing on the house?

    It made me all teary the way you talked about Carrot thanking you for caring for her! You must be a wonderful kitty foster mommy!

    And those kittens have grown up so much since the last time you posted pictures! Ernest is so fluffy and cute and the others are just heart stealers!

    And I can’t wait to see which dish cloths I get. They all look great!

  2. Oh you are a wonderful person for fostering so many kitty’s I have two wonderful four legged fluffy kids. One is laying across my lap while I’m writing this. I got a big lump in my throat reading about Carrot.
    I saw your thread in the Urban Fauna Studio group and loved the picture of the kitten. So I had to look up your blog.
    It sounds like you are stressing over a big move. I went through a big move almost four years ago. It will all come together and just keep thinking about the new place, friends, and all the great memories you have of San Francisco…keep in contact with friends so you can visit frequently.
    Best of luck to you,
    Knitglitz on Ravelry

  3. I cried when I read about Carrot. I got to see first-hand how much you love her. I KNOW how hard it is to say good-bye to a foster animal (I foster rats, and I love each one of them in their own special way while they are part of my life).

    I still think about Powder… she was my Carrot. I miss her, but I’m happy that she has a buddy that she was adopted with, and has a new rat friend and new daddy.

    Carrot was a special girl to you, and you know she will make her new family happy. I’m so glad that you are getting updates. That’s a wonderful feeling! 🙂

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