For now

For now, it looks like all is well with the house purchase. Our inspection revealed nothing too terrible. Basically, it was what you would expect with a 15 year old house. The roof is reaching the end of its life (in a few years, not tomorrow) and the wood floors have shown some signs of wear.

Our Realtor’s wife, being a vet tech, has connections and will also be working on re-homing the resident cats. Somehow, the story will turn out well for them. I am relieved.

Now that I am home, I have a long list of pre-moving things to do. There are 2 items at the top of the list:

  1. Wesley needs to see the vet. I am not sure what’s wrong with him, but he spent the entire time we were gone behaving standoffishly toward his 2 favorite people, his pet sitters (aunties Carisa and Linnea). He wouldn’t let them pet him, but he acted lonely. When we got home, someone had pooped outside the box, and I’m guessing it was him. Also, he’s been howling at me, but he isn’t interested in getting petted. This is not my cat – something is wrong.
  2. The car needs a pre-move checkup. I have known for awhile that there is a chance that the car won’t make the drive across the country. It has fewer than 40,000 miles on it, but it’s had a few premature issues. One of these issues was regarding a part that GM should have recalled, but didn’t. They did a repair that didn’t work, but the shop had guaranteed the work. The wouldn’t honor the warranty when I came back a few days later, however, saying that I had a different problem. It went the same way as the time before – where did they get the idea that it wasn’t the same? They charged me for the same problem for the second time in a week (or maybe 2). After they “fixed” the car again, as I drove off the lot, the “check engine” light came on again. We turned right around and dared them to say it was a different problem. They called headquarters, who knew exactly what the problem was because they had several complaints about it from other customers. Because the shop (the dealer, I might add), wouldn’t rectify the mistake, we called headquarters for reconciliation. We told them they should have recalled the part, and that they should at least refund us for the second repair. They told us that they chose not to recall the part (I already knew that). The repair cost me $1,000 twice. The solution they offered? “How about we give you $500 of your next GM purchase.” How about we never buy from GM again? And tell all our friends. I’m still bitter.

As for the last week, besides buying a house, I accomplished only a few things. I made 2 of the dishcloths for my contest winners – and I didn’t yet start the Malabrigo gloves (I assure you, overcoming startitis is a huge accomplishment). I have to finish those, make the scarf for my aunt, and finish the kilt socks (which did get a few more rows on the trip, but not many). My goal is to finish all of my current WIPs that I have planned to give to other people before I move. Ambitious, no?


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