In which it all goes as planned

On Thursday, Michael and I placed a bid on a house. We consulted with Michael’s mom and our Realtor on the bidding strategy – our weak point, their strong point. In the end, we chose to bid what the comps implied the house was worth. It was a clean bid. We didn’t ask for the sellers to pay closing, we had a 20% down payment on a standard mortgage, and the only request we made was that the sellers buy us a warranty. An hour and a half after we submitted the bid, our agent called us with the news – they accepted! Holy cow, I can’t believe it was that easy! Michael and I are under contract for our first house. If the inspection tomorrow morning goes well, we’ll be closing at the beginning of next month. The best part is, the interest on the mortgage, without paying any points (for those who don’t know what this means, a point is a percentage of the house’s selling price. You can pay a point to buy down your mortgage interest by a fraction of a point) is 4.72%. This is ridiculously low.

new-house-stairsWhich house did we buy? <- Here’s a photographic hint.

It was the last house we added to the short list on Wednesday. This is the place where the fluffy cat and the bengal showed us around. As a matter of fact, the sellers seriously offered us the cats with the house. They are moving in with someone who is deathly allergic, so they cannot keep them. I thought, and might have asked jokingly, “Do the cats came with the house?”. I couldn’t believe that it actually came up. I seriously thought it over, but I think I just can’t. Buttercup is cat reactive, and moving her into another cat’s house after an 18 hour drive across the county would kill her. Plus, having 5 cats would take away from my fostering time. It’s so sad, because I’ve always wanted a fluffy cat and a bengal (but not from a breeder; rather, a rescue). Those 2 are so well tempered as well (which I can’t say for my Serra). This decision (which is not set in stone yet, but will have to be soon) gives me anxiety. What will they do with the cats? Will they abandon them? Will they give them to friends? Will they drop them off at a kill shelter? Will they take the cats with them and keep them confined to one room?

If anyone wants a pair of absolutely lovely cats, please let me know and maybe we can work something out. I think that my plan will be to offer to help the sellers re-home their cats, but I will have to tell them that with a heavy heart.

Other than dealing with the poor resident cats, all we have left to do is the inspection. That will be tomorrow morning, bright and early.

I want to thank Michael’s mother and her fiancée, Mike, for the pictures in today’s post. Check out the shots of the scenery. I am beginning to believe I could like it here…



2 thoughts on “In which it all goes as planned

  1. How exciting! And that is a fantastic interest rate! I’m jealous! And that’s so funny that the cats showed you around. I really hope that the cats find a good home and don’t get hurt by the move.

    You know, reading all about your foster cats and now these cats it really makes me want more kitties. I just don’t think my Cleo would appreciate another cat coming into her domain. She already can’t stand the dogs. lol

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