The Home Stretch

I’m very sorry, but I can’t put the details of our house hunt up today.  With the sheer amount of activity and the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m just too exhausted to update right now. I have every intention of updating this post with today’s activities when I wake up in the morning, so please check back with me in about 10 or 12 hours.


On the day I wrote the original post, we only saw one more house that we wanted to put on the list. The more exciting thing was that there were cats in 2 of the houses!

This is Pookie:pookie

And these are the residents of the house we put on the list:fluffybengal this one might be a Bengal.

This house is not in the neighborhood we wanted to be in, the commute is a little longer than we wanted, and the master bathroom, like many others we’ve seen, is open to the master bedroom. Also, the neighbors are closer than I would like. Otherwise, there are a lot of pros for this one. The floorplan is very open and there is a lot of natural light. The house seems well-suited to cats, given that there are 2 there already. The kitchen is nice and large, and the master bathroom has a large tub and separate shower. The master closet is pretty big as well. Have a look:




We bid on Thursday after Michael’s mom sees the houses. Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. Hmmm… You know what I just noticed? I have no idea when 12 hours later is because your posts don’t have time stamps.

    I hope you got some sleep.

  2. And a comment on the update.

    The grey kitty looks like my first cat, Patrick. I’ll have to show you his picture when you get home.

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