In bed

I took several photographs of something that happened in my bed this afternoon. Wanna see them?





Serra loves kittens.

Serra’s behavior has improved dramatically since I started letting the kittens roam the house full-time. Sure, the kittens have ringworm. Sure, my cats have been exposed to it now (Serra’s the only one who contracted the ringworm, for the record. Buttercup and Wesley seem immune after 2 months of exposure). Sure, my house is completely covered in ringworm. I’ve decided I just don’t care any more. The more I tried to contain it, the more the ringworm just kept coming back. I would go a whole litter or 2 without getting more of it, but as soon as I took some of the kittens in for their vaccines they would contract it at the shelter. I have had steady ringworm since Patch. These are my last litters here, and most of the furniture exposed to the ringworm will no longer be accessible to the kittens in my new home. The point is that Serra stopped biting me and chewing my knitting since she got babies to care for. Plus, I spend a lot less time bleaching the kitten room these days. It’s worth it.

Since I am no longer obsessing about fungus, I am moving on the better things. I am working on the dishcloths for the contest winners, but I suspect that those are coming with me on the plane Sunday. Maybe I can mail them from Colorado. I am finishing up the kilt hose I started a long time ago.

malabrigo-glove-swatchI also made a swatch for some gloves I plan to make now that I am going to live in a climate where it snows. I am trying not to start the gloves before I have the dishcloths, kilt socks, and a scarf my aunt commissioned me to make for a friend completed. I just know that since it is forbidden, I want to work on it more. I may have to bargain with myself – I can only knit an inch after I’ve met a goal (i.e completed a dishcloth, knit 2 inches on the kilt socks, knit a few inches of the scarf…).

malabrigo-yarn-cakeI think the reason I am really so hot to make the gloves is the yarn. It’s a handpainted 100% merino wool  sock yarn from Malabrigo.  It is labeled as #853 abril, but as you can tell, it’s much darker than the website shows for the same colorway. I know this was a test skein, so maybe that accounts for the discrepancy between the colors on the website and my particular skein. Anyone who has touched Malabrigo yarn would know why I want to knit with it.

I sent the itty-bitty kitties to their babysitter today. I am going to drop off the 3 bigger ones at their babysitter on Sunday morning, right before we head out on our plane trip. It seems surprisingly lonely with only 6 cats in the house. Never thought I’d be saying that.

Sprout got spayed today. I thought she would be loopy from the surgery, but somehow I’ve forgotten how quickly kittens recover from early spay/neuter. Sprout came home feeling great! She explored the house, marked Wesley, Serra, and me as hers, and she’s sitting in my lap right now as I write. The incision is tiny, as you can see from these pictures:

sprout-is-spayed sprout-spay-site-close

I hope that Sunday is the last time I ever see Sprout again. I believe that her babysitter will be taking her to the shelter to try to get her adopted. Now that she can go home on the same day as the adoption, I believe she will be a more attractive choice to a potential adopter. If an adoption doesn’t happen while I am gone, well, we will just have to keep trying when I get back. I love Sprout, and I want her to find her forever home soon.


2 thoughts on “In bed

  1. I’m right there with you wanting to start another project when I already have several to finish already. I think you are right about it being forbidden making it that much more desirable. I’m glad that Sprout did well with her spay. I hope she heals up fast and that she finds a forever home soon.

  2. I think the reason Sprout came back from her spay with some pep is that Dr. Bing uses an anesthesia that knocks them out for the surgery, but doesn’t stick with them when they are taken out of it. I’ve had 4 foster neuters, 1 foster spay, and 1 personal neuter for rats done by Dr. Bing, and they all came back to me with less reproductive parts, and all the personality they were dropped off with! 🙂

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