Another year has ended

I am happy to report that I have survived yet another year of fostering kittens, knitting, traveling, and all the other things I do on a regular basis. I still have little kittens, which is a first for me. The coolest thing is that this year, I have a spinning wheel and a new hobby.

To be honest, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. If I feel I need to change something, I do it right then. I don’t wait for an artificially chosen date to improve myself. There are some things that will be changing next year, but they aren’t in the resolution category.

  • We all know that I am moving and buying a house. We leave on Sunday for our first house hunting trip.
  • Once I get that new house, I am going to set up a studio for all my crafting. This room will be off-limits to the cats. Finally, I can use wooden needles again because Serra won’t be able to get them and chew.
  • After we’ve settled in, I plan to open an Etsy store. I think I will sell some handknit items, as well as some dyed roving and some handspun yarn.

I am also hoping to get started on writing a knitting pattern book. I may also do a crochet book at some point. I want it to be all about items for your cats, including some useful items for fostering.

Some of my knit group is coming over tonight for our regular thing, and hopefully at least a few will stay to ring in the New Year. What better way to start your year than doing fiber crafts while snuggling kittens?


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