Stolen Idea

I was trolling Sara’s (from the comments) blog, and I noticed that she had posted 100 random things about herself for her 100th post. This would actually be my 104th post, but I won’t let that stop me. I am stealing her idea and offering this list for you to see. If you read regularly, you might already know some of this. Be prepared, this one might take you awhile.

  1. My favorite kind of kittens has to be the neonatal variety (newborns). They are just so sweet to look at.
  2. I have an unusual (and occasionally handy) talent in being able to see an object and “sculpt” it out of yarn. That is not to say that everything I have designed has gone well, but a surprisingly large number do.
  3. I find it hard to say something good about myself. It’s like an extreme version of humility. I am working on that.
  4. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until college.
  5. I’ve only ever dated one boy. I’m married to him.
  6. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a cat. I can still walk on all fours surprisingly well.
  7. I twitch when I see LOL cats. I could like them if the grammar wasn’t so bad (see #8.)
  8. I am a stickler for good spelling and grammar. If I find an error, even if it’s on an old post, I am compelled to fix it.
  9. I am a perfectionist. I have been using my knitting as a way to get past it and learn to let go (but it hurts to let something imperfect leave my hands).
  10. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology. I have a minor in Chemistry.
  11. I hate it when someone tells me I can’t do something. That’s usually all the motivation it takes to make me do said thing.
  12. I am terrified of becoming a “Crazy Cat Lady.” I took an ecology class in college, and I learned about the dangers of having the population density of a single species at too high a level. Disease spreads faster, stress is higher… all bad things. It is this and this alone that keeps me from being certain about adopting more animals.
  13. I feel like 13 is my lucky number.
  14. My favorite color is purple. I like a purple/green color combo the best.
  15. I am way more in tune with my health than other people my age. There is a long history of heart disease and diabetes in my family, and I don’t want to encourage that genetic trait.
  16. I hate calling people I don’t know on the phone. It makes it very difficult to make appointments and call for customer service. I try to make Michael do it for me.
  17. I used to work in customer service right after college.
  18. I am not a vegetarian despite living in San Francisco and despite working with animals. Per #10, I learned that protein is what led man’s brain to evolve. I do, however, see the point of only eating ethically treated animals and have recently resolved to do so.
  19. My self-esteem comes entirely from my achievements. My friend Jen, who is studying to become a teacher, informed me that this is unusual – most people’s self esteem comes from their looks.
  20. I am too lazy to do my hair or put on makeup. My bosses don’t care what I look like, so long as I have that bottle or a plate of food in hand.
  21. I don’t keep a very neat house. I have resolved to do so when I buy a house, though. I am convinced that it is about issues of space (or rather, lack thereof).
  22. I love to go on cruises. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon, and I fell in love then. Given that your lodging, travel and food are all paid for, it turns out cruising is a good deal.
  23. I like giving gifts way more than receiving them.
  24. I can’t stand when people lie to me or keep secrets from me (in my book, these are the same thing). I am pretty understanding, and if you preface something with, “what I am going to say may be hard for you to hear, so please be understanding,” I really do come through.  I’d rather know than leave something unresolved.
  25. I would rather clean a bathroom than do the dishes. I just hate dishes.
  26. I watch Spongebob Squarepants. As a matter of fact, I like a lot of Nickelodeon shows. The stories are easy to follow while I knit.
  27. I love video games. I have every Sims and Sims 2 expansion except for the Christmas ones. I mostly play RPGs, despite the little Sims addiction.
  28. I like to travel.
  29. I have never been outside of North America, but I have at least left the country for Canada and Mexico. I’ve been all over the US, though. I intend to travel to other continents very soon.
  30. I like moving. I don’t find it stressful at all. It’s a great reason to get rid of accumulated junk. I like change in general, really.
  31. I haven’t lived somewhere that it snows in 13 years (since I was 15 years old). Despite that, I am planning to move somewhere that had below zero temperatures a few days ago.
  32. I would rather be respected at a job than well-paid. That may be why I work for free at the moment.
  33. I hate being micromanaged. It actually makes me less productive. I work very well when given instructions and left to my own devices – I think that’s why I like knitting.
  34. I used to be a girl scout.
  35. Wii Fit thinks I am overweight. The problem is, I am just over 5′ tall and I weigh 135-140 pounds, depending on the day. The BMI (which Wii Fit uses to determine how appropriately your weight and height match up) fails to take into account that muscle weighs more than fat. I only weigh 10 pounds more than I did in high-school when I swam 10 hours a week. I’ve looked at myself in the mirror – I am not outside of the normal range for my build. Grr.
  36. I was on my high-school swim team.
  37. I went to my Junior prom in Hawaii, but I didn’t go to my Senior prom in Florida.
  38. I am not ashamed of treating my cats like family. I am more saddened that other people treat pets like toys.
  39. There are a fair number of clergymen and women in my family.
  40. There are a large number of military servicemen in my family.
  41. I like to bake.
  42. I like to do laundry. It smells good.
  43. I am not allowed to carry laundry up or down the stairs when my husband isn’t home. It has something to do with my tendency to tumble down the stairs when I am holding a laundry basket.
  44. I am terrified of the under-the-bed-monster. If it is dark, and I am alone, I have to take a flying leap from across the room to get into bed. It comes from watching Pet Sematary when I was a kid.
  45. My brother Robert and I once were under-the-bed-monsters for my father. My father had ridiculed me for fearing the monster, so Robert and I waited under his bed until he came in one night. When he sat down and put down his cigarette, I grabbed my father’s ankle. He screamed like a little girl! We all think that was a funny story.
  46. I’d rather be too warm than too cold. I am not sure that the former actually exists.
  47. I used to write to-do lists. It wasn’t long before I realized those lists became to-avoid-at-all-costs lists. I believe it has to do with #33. I’ve since stopped making them.
  48. I love getting massages, but I felt like they were too much of a luxury. It wasn’t until I learned that my health insurance covers a few appointments per year that I admitted massages might actually be medically useful for me.
  49. I hate spicy food.
  50. I learned in college that you should always take the high road, no matter how much you want to put a person in his/her place. When you do that, you become untouchable.
  51. I hate it when people mispronounce words despite being given the proper pronunciation. Say it with me now: nuclear (new-CLEE-er). realtor (real-ter). Please don’t say “new-cu-ler” or “real-i-tor.”
  52. I hate it when people use a word that does not mean what they think it means. My biggest pet-peeve? Enormity. That word refers to evil, not size.
  53. I love tea. As a matter of fact, I make a cup for myself every morning while I feed the kittens.
  54. I’ve never wanted children, and I despise people who insist I will change my mind. The world is overpopulated. We can’t support all the people on it without genetically engineered and chemically treated food as it is. Don’t ask me to make the problem worse. That said, I have no problem with people who really want kids. Let those people be responsible for the next generation.
  55. I hate it when people say they are allergic to something (especially wool and cats) when they have never been in contact with such things or had an allergy test. I understand hidden diseases, I swear (I only have 3 or so myself), but most of the people who have told me they are allergic have never met a cat or touched wool that they knew of. Some only have symptoms when they actually see my cats or when I tell them they aren’t touching acrylic knits. I do have sympathy for the ones who are really allergic, though.
  56. I don’t use text messaging. I believe I am the last person on earth who hasn’t used text messages. Well, my husband hasn’t either.
  57. I love my spinning wheel. Not only is it functional, but it looks nice just sitting around.
  58. I learned to crochet right about when I learned to read. I was 4, maybe even 3 when that happened.
  59. I wish my hair would grow down to my ankles.
  60. I am a sucker for just about any baby animal.
  61. I am terrified of driving.
  62. I fear getting lost. I won’t go somewhere unfamiliar without my Nav system.
  63. I don’t mind when people ask my about choices I’ve made that are different than the norm (i.e about having kids, not working for pay, why I am careful about what I eat…). I view it as an opportunity to educate others on a way of life that is different from what they know. That said, I don’t like it when people try to push their opinions on me because of those choices. I let them be, and that’s all I ask in return.
  64. I am often afraid to stand up to people or organizations that I feel are doing something wrong (ethics, not lifestyle choices), but I do it anyway.
  65. I hate flying. This only came about when they shrunk the seats and made us go through ridiculous shenanigans for “security purposes.” Bah. If someone wants to bomb a plane, they aren’t going to do what the security folks are looking for – they’ll try something new. And don’t get me started about the way they treat knitters.
  66. I select my clothes and yarn primarily by feel. Looks come later.
  67. I feel that when an animal loves you, it must mean that you are a good person somewhere deep down. You cannot deceive an animal into thinking you are something you are not.
  68. I can’t hire a maid. I have some kind of guilt complex about hiring someone to clean up after me. I’d rather be dirty.
  69. I have a huge crush on Orlando Bloom. It’s not that I think he’s that great of an actor, I just liked him as Legolas in Lord of the Rings.
  70. I have a terrible memory. I got up to answer the doorbell and couldn’t remember what I had to say when I came back. It was the mailman, so the trip took about 1 minute.
  71. I think farts are hilarious.
  72. I used to be in choirs in grade school and college. I was even a soloist on occasion. Now I can’t bring myself to perform music, even for my husband.
  73. I had an ACL reconstruction (the doctor repaired the front ligament on my knee if you don’t know what an ACL is) between high school and college. It had to do with an unfortunate incident in a PE class.
  74. I rarely procrastinate anymore. I learned that it pays to work ahead when I was in college. Best. Lesson. Ever.
  75. I like to smell my cats. Mostly, they smell of clean laundry (their favorite place to sleep is in a freshly dried basket of clothes).
  76. I’ve never kept a foster kitten, although I am not sure that it will always be that way.
  77. If you give me the chance, I can be exceedingly generous. (Yea, I managed to say something good about myself).
  78. I’ve tasted kitten poop. In my defense, I thought it was chocolate. My brother told me that if I ever say something tastes like crap, he will believe me because I’m an expert.
  79. I like skirts that flare out when you spin. They make me feel young.
  80. People rarely guess my age correctly. When they look at me they think I am way younger. When they have only had written or spoken correspondence with me, they think I am way older.
  81. I like to read in the bathtub.
  82. I learned to read before I went to school.
  83. I take a knit or crochet project with me wherever I go.
  84. I love Renaissance Faires and the like.
  85. I love the County Fair.
  86. Despite my love of cats, my house is not decorated in a cat theme. Sure, I have a few cat items, but mostly I like flowers and plain fabrics.
  87. I like to ride roller coasters.
  88. I am a pretty serious board-gamer. My current favorite is Agricola.
  89. In general, I am a pessimist.
  90. I like to study foreign languages. So far I’ve only covered French, Spanish, and German.
  91. I prefer that, on sandwiches, my bread matches.
  92. In school, I hated writing.
  93. I love to have people over to my house for dinner. I am forced to clean up a little bit, and I like to play hostess.
  94. I love to dress up in formal wear. It’s the only time I wear makeup or do my hair.
  95. I love the ocean.
  96. My husband and I never run out of things to say to one another. We’ve been together for 10 years, so you’d think there’d be some conversational gaps.
  97. I don’t get tired of my husband being around the house. I look forward to him working from home more often.
  98. I love to eat home-grown vegetables.
  99. I take pride in my foster kittens and my own cats.
  100. I take pride in my knitting and crocheting.

So, that’s 100 things about me that you may or may not know. It seems kind of random, but I realized that, when you regularly read a person’s blog, you start to feel like you know her. I tend to be pretty open with my friends, so here you go.


2 thoughts on “Stolen Idea

  1. 78. I’ve accidentally chewed rat poop. (I had dropped a Goldfish cracker while watching TV. When I picked “it” up and started to chew — it was far spongier than a Goldfish! That’s when I realized what I was chewing!!!!)

    90. You also know a bit a sign language! See…. not giving yourself enough credit… like you listed in #3.

    Nice list! 🙂

  2. I’ve never text-messaged, either! And neither has my husband!…

    Also, for #71, you should watch the Sarah Silverman show…

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