Contest Winners

I was waiting for Michael to get home from work today to make a final decision about the new kittens’ names. So…

Congratulations Anne-Katherine and Sara! I am going to call the black one Emo, the narrow faced tabby Widget, and the wider faced tabby Ernest. I will make and sent the washcloths right after the new year. I should disclose that Anne-Katherine is a friend of mine who moved back to Switzerland a while ago – was it a year? I think it was more. In any case, she did have an in with the judges. πŸ™‚ I don’t know Sara, but it was nice that she commented for me. I’ll ask for your addresses soon.

The kittens are still healthy. There is hardly any diarrhea. I believe this is some combination of their formula (Pro-Biolac) and the Amoxil I put them on at the first sign of diarrhea. I am experimenting to see if the digestion issues are caused by sepsis. If so, the antibiotics should stave off the diarrhea.

Ernest and Emo ate their first wet food today. The other two weren’t interested, but the two biggest boys were all about their newfound nourishment. We are on the road to healthy kittens. Hallelujah!

I have a few interesting pictures of Carrot. I’ve been trying to decide if I really want a new kitten before I leave, and I’ve had to take a lot into consideration. It seems like 4 cats is a lot. Buttercup hates new cats, and I am not sure putting her through the stress is going to be ok if we are moving, too. On the other hand, I get teary when I think that Carrot may no longer be with me. She’s been trying to make herself fit in, even. See?


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have a 4th cat after all…


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