Another Round – Contest!

sprout-talkingHi everyone. It’s me again, Sprout. I wanted to tell you that it seems  I will leave this house uneaten after all. As a matter of fact, none of the other cats have been eaten – how curious? I figured I would put an update here because my captor has criminally neglected her blog this week. There is a good reason though, I swear. These tiny Kitten McNuggets arrived a few days ago and she has to bottle feed them all the time. I think if she eats anything it will be these tender morsels. The lady is also knitting a ton of Christmas presents. There had better be one for me in that pile. I’ve been trying to be nice to her. I let her pet me sometimes, and I come visit her in bed when she is lounging. I leave her yarn alone like a good girl.

carrot-computerI’ve asked Carrot to put a personal ad for me on the Internet. We’re going to look for a picture that makes me look unbearably cute, and then we’re going to describe me in a way that makes me seem like a catch. I’m no small thing anymore – I am about 4 or 5 months old. I like to get to know a place before I am comfortable running things. I take excellent care of my fur, and I am softer than your finest cashmere. I like other cats well enough, so hopefully I have a friend or two at my new place.

As for those babies –

bottle-feedersThere are four of these guys, 1 girl and 3 boys.

esme1This little girl is Esme. Her name comes from a comment left on a previous post asking for kitten names.

black-boyThis is the little black boy with soulful eyes and a quiet manner.

tabby-boy-1This is one of the tabby boys.

tabby-boy-2And here is the other tabby boy. His face is wider than his brother’s, which makes them easy to tell apart.

curious-sproutSo, I was thinking – we should have another baby naming contest. This time, the lady will knit you a kitten-themed dishcloth and mail it to you if she picks your submission. You’ll have to be patient for it though because she has a lot of knitting to complete before Christmas and the prize will have to wait until maybe closer to the new year. The comments from this blog go to a gmail account. If you win, the lady can contact you and ask for your address, so be sure to put your email address in the appropriate box! Only the lady who writes this blog and I can see any personal info like that. We’ll announce the choices on Wednesday, so have your submission in the comments by the end of the day on Tuesday. You can submit a name for each kitten, or for just 1 or 2 of them. A dishcloth will be sent out for each name chosen, so if she picks 2 of your suggestions, you get 2 dishcloths. Good luck!

I’ll try to get her to post more between now and then as well. You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Another Round – Contest!

  1. I saw your post on the Knitty Cat group in colorado…I am always in that store so I look forward to meeting you. I lost my cat winston a few years ago. My 3 year old keeps asking for one. My hubby and I only love grey fluffy male kitties like the one you have pictured!! Do you want to bring him here for me? (LOL)

  2. I was thinking Charcoal, Smudge, Soot, Emo (Short for Emotional since you said he had soulful eyes) or Spirit.

    For the other 2, what about Widget and Pudge (from one of my son’s favorite books “Widget.”

    Oh, and can I just say that I am in love with Sprout. Such an expressive face.

  3. I don’t know why, but I would call one of the boys Ernest. I don’t have any idea for the others though…
    Thanks for all the pictures.

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