The reason you came here anyway

In all honesty, I have very little to say at the moment. Life has been kind of quiet right now, which I really appreciate. Kitten season is winding down. When I went in to ask for more, I was informed that there were no more kittens for me to have. I have been doing a lot of knitting for Christmas things, and I believe that it should all go well (famous last words).

I know the reason you keep coming back is for the pictures, so why don’t I just give you what you want. Then I don’t have to try to be verbally creative. I’ll have a lot more to say in the coming weeks given that we are beginning our house hunt in Colorado, so for those who actually like to read what I have to say, there will be something for you in the near future!

In the Sunday paper:


Why my insomnia is good for my husband (recipe here):


fabulous-and-fluffy Fabulous and fluffy feline.

scaredy-cat-no-more Scaredy cat no more.

good-enough-to-eatGood enough to eat.

plain-clothes-princess Princess in plain clothes.

surly-daddys-girl Daddy’s surly little girl.

untowardSomething untoward.

tossed-saladSalad fixins (Sprout and Carrot).

strange-bedfellowsStrange bedfellows (Buttercup has never liked kittens before).

At least when it’s quiet there are still scenes to capture. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?


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