Long Time Passing

I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent from my blog of late. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that sitting around in my pajamas has been nice. I got Lady to turn around and become the most affectionate kitten on the planet. Sprout started letting me pet her while she is sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Half the kittens contracted ringworm (Carrot and Sprout). The ringworm got out of the kitten room for the first time ever and now Serra has it, too. Whee!

As we all know, Michael and I went to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. His maternal grandmother turned 80, and most of the Alvarez family descend upon Michael’s mother’s house for the event. This would be many of the family (minus me, because I was asleep with a fever. Stupid flying.).


There were two turkeys to feed everyone, and one cake (decorated by Michael’s mother’s fiancé’s daughter – whew!) for two events. Mike’s (the fiancé) parents were having a big anniversary at the same time as Michael’s grandmother’s birthday.


By the way, I am not vegetarian. I know that it might be expected, given what I do and where I live, but no, I eat meat. I won’t even tell you how we celebrated Thanksgiving with Carisa and Ryan when we got home.

As any good knitter should, I packed way more knitting than I could ever realistically complete for this trip. It snows in PA, and if the plane got grounded, I just didn’t want to be without entertainment (disregard the Nintendo DS in my purse…). I brought one mostly finished dishcloth, a scarf I am making for a teacher in my Scottish Country Dance class (pretty much all of them are getting knit gifts this year, thanks to my knit group), two balls of Noro Silk Garden for a Two-row Noro scarf, a ball of my handspun, and a giant ball of Lily cotton yarn for as many dishcloths as I could crank out. I think I also took 3 pairs of knitting needles (which all made it in my carry-on luggage with no hassle from security).

I cast on the Noro scarf on the way to PA. I knit on it whenever I sat down.

At the Iachini grandparents’ house.


(From left to right: Grandpa Iachini, me, Michael, Grandma Iachini – also a Barbara, Vinny, Ami, Danny, and Julie. The young ones are all Michael’s siblings.)

In the kitchen at Michael’s mom’s house.


And in the bed while I was trying unsuccessfully to get a single, full night’s sleep.

It took me about 2 and a half days of free-time knitting. I gave it to Julie when I finished.


I also finished half of this thing (the scarf for the teacher)


and the unfinished dishcloth. I cast on another on the way home.

Maybe I did need all that knitting after all.


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