Dude looks like a lady

I love our fluffy little Annie. Despite her first night jitters, she has adapted well to living with us. She is warm and affectionate, seeking out our laps the moment Michael and I sit down. When the big cats come to investigate, Annie is right there rubbing her face against their chests.

The one thing that has always been difficult with Annie is that her… well, her junk has been hard to see. Our best guess was that she was a girl since nothing seemed to bulge in a manner that suggested otherwise. She’s so fluffy that you couldn’t see a single tree in that forest. See what I mean?

echo-behind (It’s actually much more visible in this picture than in real life)

Now, then. It was important for me to ascertain the exact sex of this ambiguously gendered kitten because some friends of mine are taking her and they needed to come up with a name. In the end, they came up with Echo.

Echo suits the grey, fluffy kitten. I was feeding the kittens some treats a few weeks ago in order to entice the thinner ones to eat and get fat. Wesley cannot resist the opportunity to perform, so he leaped the fence and offered me every trick he knew. After he was able to focus, I asked Wesley for “touch.” All I do for this one is put a treat in my closed fist and offer it to him, saying “touch.” When Wesley pats my hand, I open it and let him eat the treat. Little Annie saw Wesley perform this trick. The very next treat I offered Annie was on an open palm. As fast as lightning she slapped my palm with her little paw and claimed her reward. I subsequently tried offering her treats with a closed fist, and she patted my hand for those as well. I was not trying to train her, but she learned anyway. What a great little copycat!

In any case, Michael and I occasionally roll Echo over and try to decide if we are certain about her sex. It nagged at us because we have never not been able to tell. The foster parent we left the kittens with couldn’t tell for certain. Last week, we finally got our answer. After a few fruitless efforts, we finally found… fruit. Tiny, shriveled raisins. It’s a good thing that the name my friends chose was gender neutral, because Annie is more of an Andrew.


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