Get along


I finished the Crochet-Along blanket. I really need to learn to limit the number of Afghans I have in progress. Ideally, I’ll only have one going at a time. I don’t like the feeling that I haven’t finished anything in a long time, but I do like having large projects, so a mix of long-term and short-term projects in my queue would help my need to accomplish things.

wesley-loves-my-blanketOn the bright side, when I do finish a project, I know it’s appreciated. Despite the fact that I did not make the afghan for him, Wesley snuggled up on it the minute I placed it on the sofa for photographing. It took forever for him to get off of it (I don’t have the heart to remove a cat from an afghan when it clearly means the project was a success), so when it was available again I took the afghan somewhere less attractive for the cats so I could get a cat-free picture.

lady-loves-wesleyWesley has been into everything lately, come to think of it. He keeps leaping over the fence when I have the kittens out. In general it wouldn’t be a big deal – no one has a cold or anything at this point. It has become apparent to me that Patch’s ringworm is not going around either. Seriously, none of the other cats have come down with it. I’m stunned, but I’m not letting my guard down. The next time their immune systems get weakened (through vaccines or surgery) I fully expect an outbreak.

The problem with Wesley jumping the baby gate is that he doesn’t like the kittens to touch him. Whenever a kitten loves on him, Wesley makes this pitiful whine  that sounds a lot like “Mom, she’s touching me.” What Wesley really wants is the food that comes with the kittens. You see, Wesley has been on a diet. At the last vet visit, all my cats had gained weight. Buttercup gained a whopping 2 pounds. Serra gained about a half of a pound (putting her at 17.5 pounds). I think Wesley gained about a half pound as well. The cats have gotten cranky about being on a diet, so they’ve tried to steal food at every opportunity. It’ll get better when the cats get used to the new food limitations. In the meantime, Serra has gotten swatty now that she’s always hungry. She hits my ankles pretty hard when I am near the dry cat food bag in the kitchen. That child…

At least the kittens are happy with me. Patch and Sprout are enormous. The ringworm is down to just one or two glowing dots, and I am not entirely sure that the dots aren’t fuzz. Ringworm glows neon green, but sometimes towel lint looks a little yellow-green under the black light. I am going to aim for a Wednesday return to the shelter. He is SO ready to be adopted. He’s almost 4 pounds, he’s as friendly as can be, and he wants to play all the time. Patch is going to be a great cat for just about anybody. Sprout still needs a patient home, but even she has come to the conclusion that I am not here to hurt her.


The smaller kittens are still hanging in there. Carrot is really thriving now that she’s not sick anymore. She’s clean all the time now, and she’s beautiful! Carrot purrs all the time, and she loves to have her tummy rubbed. I am so thrilled that she’s okay after we lost all of her siblings.


annie-echoAnnie and Lady have been a little less well-off than Carrot. They have been steadily losing weight for at least a week. I think Annie is down about 50g, but Lady is down over 100g. They have been eating, but they’ve had diarrhea, so I doubt they are getting much nutrition. A week of Flagyl didn’t help, so I moved on to Albon. After a few days they still had diarrhea, so I added Amoxil, which sometimes helps. I’ve also started giving them fluids. Last night was the first one, and they maintained their weight this morning. I think I will do it again tonight for good measure. I also gave Lady a few drops of a vitamin supplement that Wesley has taken in the past. It smells good, like bacon, so I kind of hope that it makes medicine time a little less bad for the little ones. I feel just terrible medicating Lady because her fearfulness has returned. She still wants to sit in my lap, but the meds do not help her fear of being held. That said, maybe the baby food treat she gets after her medical treatments are the reason she still likes me. Poor babies!


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