Why it takes so long to finish a project


This would be why it takes me forever to finish yarn projects, especially blankets. I have no craft room, so my cats seem to think that they are supposed to help me work. The squares of this afghan were aligned neatly.

cal-blocks-alignedI began sewing them up. I hate sewing yarn projects. I don’t really mind sewing with a machine, or doing needlecrafts like embroidery or cross-stitch. This alone delays my progress.

serra-supervisesNot long after I start work though, Serra sees that tasty little piece of yarn moving in tantalizing ways. At this point, she decides to supervise my work. I don’t work well with someone breathing down my neck. I’m more of a self-motivated employee. My boss (Serra, in this case) is a micromanager. On occasion, so is Buttercup.

I can’t wait for a craft room of my own.


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