If I’ve counted correctly, I’ve just accepted the 50th kitten this year into my home. This lovely creature is Lady.


I brought her home on Tuesday. She was being socialized at the shelter, but she wasn’t coming along fast enough and she needed to be sent to a home. This is where I come in. Lady cowered and ran from me the first day. She howled all night long. She didn’t even like the other kittens, so she was alone in the crowded kitten room.

On Wednesday, she came around. Yes, that fast. I had to wash some poop from Lady’s tail (she doesn’t raise it high enough when she does her business – you can see it in her picture), so her little behind was all wet. I sat down on the floor with the other kittens, and lady slunk into my lap. I guess it pays to be the only warm spot on the floor. Later that evening, Michael and I took Lady and Sprout out of the kitten room to watch TV with us. You would swear that this kitten was always friendly, the way she loved on us. Lady climbed up onto our shoulders, purring into our ears and asking for kisses. So much for being a tough nut.

piles-of-cal-squaresIt turns out that Lady is a fan of my yarn-craft. To put it mildly, I am a multi-tasker: I was snuggling Lady and Sprout, watching TV and crocheting all at the same time. On one of her trips behind my head, lovely Lady stopped to knead a pile of squares for the Crochet-Along Afghan, purring her heart out. I am almost finished with that blanket – 3.5 squares to go.

So, let’s take a look at my WIP list, shall we?

  1. Crochet Sampler Afghan (Crochet-Along)
  2. Earl Grey (for the one-sock-a-month Ravelry group)
  3. Blaine’s Baby Blanket
  4. Carisa’s Afghan
  5. Donald’s Kilt hose (I haven’t been to class, and a lot of my stuff has had deadlines lately, but I feel really bad about not getting these to him – ugh)
  6. Clapotis
  7. Cat Couch (from
  8. Repairing Blaze

I also have many washcloths planned (and about 2 on needles as I type), but I’ve decided that these do not count as WIPs because I can make them quickly. Plus, I need to deny to myself that I have a starting problem. Don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you. Deal?

The kittens I have now are much easier, so I believe I can knock out a few of the WIPs in a hurry. Plus, I have a plane ride for Thanksgiving in which I can complete a lot of knitting/crochet.

Number 8 may seem like a surprise to anyone who has been reading over the summer. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get the neckline to reach a reasonable proportion to the rest of the sweater. Now that I have some distance from the project, I think that I can get a little more creative about fixing it. The first thing will be to rip out the existing mess, then redo it on much smaller needles. I may even have to decrease a bit more than the pattern calls for. How’s that for perseverance? Then I can give it away to someone I like and never, ever see it sitting in my mending pile again.

sprout-eye-infectionOne last note about the kittens – Sprout got an eye infection 😦 . Instead of withdrawing because she gets meds every day, Sprout actually started warming up to me. The last time I visited the kittens, Sprout was waiting by the door for me. Now, she is totally comfortable letting me bend down to pet her while she sits in the middle of the kitchen. Apparently, she succumbed to Stockholm syndrome as well.


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