Bent over on a rainy day

I was planning on writing more cute and new kitten stuff, but I realized there isn’t much that is really exciting (per se) to tell. After the last few weeks, I’m just a tiny bit glad to be saying this. I usually figure out what I am going to say on a day like this by sorting through my pictures and telling the story that my camera has illustrated. The picture above is the only one that stood out.

I spend a lot of time bent over. Sounds dirty, I know. It gets worse – I spend a lot of time on my knees trying to shove a nipple into someone’s mouth, too. And we won’t even address my obsession with the things I find in the litter box.

Linnea came by today (she does live downstairs, after all) and I couldn’t answer the door because I was covered in kittens. I had to have her let herself in to my house while I sat on the floor with at least 5 of my 8 little guys snuggling in my lap. Pumpkin jumped up to see who had come to visit her, but lost interest when she realized that she had a deposit to make in the litter box. The rest were totally content to warm my lap. While I was on the floor with the kittens, I noticed that there are crumbs all along the underside of my kitchen counters. Crud, now I can’t pretend that I don’t know how dirty my house is.

Today is the new grey girl’s first day without a bottle. I did as Toni asked and weaned her, but there is a catch – she will not eat unless the food is “good” by her standard. That means pure Wellness, no Science Diet mixed in. She, like many of the other weaners (see, that’s another thing – I spend my day coddling weaners), still gets terribly excited when she sees the bottle and threatens to undo the whole week’s worth of work transitioning her to solid food.

I let Carrot have a sip from the bottle occasionally. For such a sickly thing, she really has developed a strong ability and desire to defend her food from other kittens. When Carrot was suckling from the bottle, Patch walked up and started to lick the drops of milk that oozed down her chin. Carrot slapped him hard! Patch is pretty easy-going, thankfully, and just cheerfully continued about the washing/stealing a treat process.

Speaking of Patch, I have to have a stern talk with that boy. The ringworm on his chin is gone – no more glowing under the blacklight. The ringworm on his paw, however, is not going away. I couldn’t figure out why until I saw how he behaved after a treatment. That little booger just ate all the meds off the affected foot! I know ringworm goes away on its own, but not for months. I am toying with the idea of putting a cone on his head for a few hours after I treat his paw. I thought about putting Bitter Apple on with the cream, but I don’t want to discourage him from cleaning between his toes – that is the paw he covers his poop with, after all. That boy…

Tonight I am planning to wash the kittens who I plan to return to Toni in the lyme sulfur dip (to prevent ringworm). I am not convinced that it actually works, but I suppose it is better to give it a shot than to introduce ringworm to her house. I think I may dip Pumpkin and Sprout, too. I really hate to do that to Sprout, but I plan to return her to the shelter soon, and since she is a wee bit undersocialized still, she may be there for awhile. I wanted to return Patch with Pumpkin, but sometimes I have to move kittens on despite what I want for them. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just send Sprout back alone. Undersocialized kittens do better in the shelter if they are alone anyway. They get lonely and it forces them to seek out some human contact. These decisions are so hard!

While kitten season is winding down, knitting season is getting a bit more pressing. I plan to knit and crochet a lot of Christmas gifts. I’ve been making headway on my Crochet-along blanket. I had gotten so behind because of all the kitten deaths that I am pretty sure everyone but me has finished. Ok, I know that’s not true. I’ve been participating in the Ravelry forum for this blanket, specifically in the “Who else is RIDICULOUSLY behind??” thread. Others share my pain.

I am off to work on the blanket and forget about the crumbs under the cabinet. It’s raining today, so it’s not like I have a desire to get out of the house at all. Ah, winter in San Francisco.


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