Another year wiser

Today is Michael’s and my actual birthday. At about 1:00 this morning we realized that Michael is no longer a 20-something. He’s 30. That means only 2 more years until I am no longer a 20-something. I think I need to have a midlife crisis about then. My family is not long-lived – my maternal grandparents and paternal grandfather died at 67, but my paternal grandmother is still alive at 75.

I’m not really that obsessed with age now that it isn’t exactly limiting me anymore. Well, OK, it’s no longer acceptable to go trick-or-treating without a kid at my side (where is my niece when I need her?), I can’t play in the ball pit at McDonald’s (really more of a height issue, but only barely in my case), and going naked in public is a bit more controversial now. But what do I have instead? I get to adopt cats and care for kittens. I don’t have to ask someone for money to buy yarn. I can drive (but whether that is a good thing or bad thing is debatable – I am terrified of driving). I get to plan vacations. I think I like getting older.

It’s great when the kittens get older as well. Pumpkin, Patch and Sprout are old enough and big enough to go back to the shelter now. I may have to wait a little longer because of Patch’s ringworm. The ringworm is healing, but I managed to get a shot of it under the blacklight. The camera has a limited capability to pick up things like this, but if you look closely at Patch’s paw you can see the tiny green spots (click on the picture). Here’s a quick lesson for you: ringworm glows neon green, doxycycline glows bright yellow, and bodily fluids glow a duller shade of yellow.

Patch is looking less like a kitten now and more like a cat. He is long and lean and all the trouble I never asked for. He’s given up on leaping the baby gate for now, which is great because I am not so sure that I want to try to get the ringworm out of my carpet. His new favorite sport is trying to climb into the crib to see the new baby kittens.

Carrot is looking more grown-up now. She’s putting on a lot of weight and her diarrhea is gone, gone, gone. She gets a few supervised, Carrot-only eating sessions every day so I can be sure she doesn’t lose weight. I get less worried by the day, but I still look out for her. Now if I can just get her clean…

Tubby Tabby is really looking good these days. Check her out, trying to slip me some tongue! She still loves to eat, so I set her as an example to the new guys and the freshly weaned. Tabby may be ready to go back when Pumpkin and Patch get returned simply because she eats so much. She, like Carrot is the only survivor in her litter. I guess a it’s called a “healthy” appetite for a reason.

Pumpkin and Annie are still going strong. They are both just lovely kittens with a gentle but playful demeanor. A friend of mine wants to adopt Annie when she gets big enough. I still have no takers for Pumpkin. I think that she and Patch would make a great pair – just sayin’.

Sprout is coming out of her shell just a little bit, probably because of her fondness for Carrot. I tried to stick Carrot in the crib with the new kittens for the first night they were here, and Sprout climbed into the crib to be with her. I noticed that Sunshine and Moonlight, also semi-feral kittens, seemed to develop a fondness for the really tiny ones. It fascinates me, really.

As for these new ones I was talking about?

This one is a kitten that Toni wants me to wean. I am the only foster parent whose heart is hard enough that I don’t feel bad about taking the bottle away. The biggest help was when I let her spend time with the bigger kittens. She saw them all run like mad for the food, and I guess she thought she didn’t want them to get something she didn’t have. To be fair, she has the same reaction to the bottle when the other kitten (who is much younger than she) is having a meal.

This little bundle of everything cute is Minitab. He is also a loaner (I believe Toni wants them back when she comes home). I called him Minitab because he just looks like a miniature version of Tabitha. He had diarrhea for about 36 hours, but I managed to get it to go away by putting a little Recovery in his bottle along with some canned pumpkin. I also started him on Flagyl.

So, for now I have 8 kittens of various ages. The flow into the shelter seems to be abating somewhat, but kitten season is far from over – I expect to have at least some kittens until the end of December. I tend to be one of the first to get kittens and one of the last to finish for the year. I love kittens.


One thought on “Another year wiser

  1. Just wondering what Recovery is…a probiotic? Loved the photos of your kitten household…quite a crew! We have our six for YET another week because of URI at the shelter. Two of them are too big for the kitchen scale!

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