Till the cows come home

I believe that Michael’s birthday party (well, ours, but he’s the one who turned 30, so it was mostly for him) was a success. We had tons of people over, even a few we didn’t expect. Our friends Angie and Jason who moved to Michigan just happened to be in town this weekend and came with some of our other friends, Brendan and Bethany. I didn’t tell Michael that our friends Michael and Judie from Sacramento were coming as well. We met the B’s and Michael and Judie on different cruises we’ve taken. I looked around the room when it was the most crowded, and I have to say, it felt nice to know that many people considered us friends. We’ve only lived here for 4 and a half years, and to have collected so many people is such an accomplishment.

The party was largely sports themed, with a few kitten viewings thrown in for good measure. Poor Carrot had to endure lots of visitors despite her goopy eyes, and Sprout had to come out of her hiding place to see some of my friends who might be interested in adopting her.

Carisa was really excited about the gift opening portion of the party. She became the present Nazi.

It turns out, she was really excited because she and Ryan hand made some of the cutest little animals and resouces for that game Michael and I are obsessed with, Agricola.

Is this not THE BEST gift ever?

We received a lot of other presents and cards as well – I’m flattered that people wanted to give us all sorts of tokens of our friendship. I didn’t want anyone to feel like I didn’t appreciate what they brought, but Carisa and Ryan’s gift was truly special.

I have some select pictures from the party to show here. I’m hoping that Carisa sends me some of the pictures she took. I didn’t get around to taking many because I was really busy playing hostess and having fun.

I made the football stadium cake for Michael, and he made the golf cake for me (note the “enhancements” on the golfer).

We had a Rockin’ game of Rock Band. Michael named the band “Half Fast Heroes” (say it fast).

Serra got a present, too. One of our friends always brings cat toys when she comes for our parties. What’s interesting is that when I was younger, you could bet that if you purchased a toy for your cat, she wouldn’t play with it. The toys available today must have been designed by someone who actually lives with cats – my cats love them!

Now that this party is over, my life has calmed down a bit. I will post more about the kittens soon. Carrot is still alive and gaining weight. I have a picture of Patch’s ringworm glowing under the blacklight to show you. All I have to do is not get sick – it seems I am coming down with a moderate version of the flu. I am planning to stay in bed as much as possible and get plenty of fluids, so no worries!


2 thoughts on “Till the cows come home

  1. I am so glad that Serra liked the present from Kilala. I wonder if the kids Wesley will wear the outfit, as there is no way Kilala would:0)

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