Hello, my name is Sprout. I’m being held captive here – send help. My captors feed me and scoop the litter box, but I hate them. I’m not certain what their intentions are, but I suspect they plan to eat me. They try to pick me up and hold me in this big room they call the “living room.” The man rubs my neck when we are out there, but I know it’s a trick – he’s trying to get me off guard so he can cook me. And the other kittens here – I don’t know what’s wrong with them. They act like they like it here. Patch, Pumpkin and Tabby run to the door when the people come. They try desperately to get the people to pay attention to them. That tiny Carrot – she seems to think that the woman is her mother. I suspect they have Stockholm syndrome. At least Annie has some sense about her – she runs when they try to pick her up.

There are some big cats here. I think that they will be eaten soon – they should feed the people long enough for me to devise an escape plan.

I’ll be hiding in the bed when you come to get me. Please hurry!

P.S. I read in this blog that Carrot was of uncertain health. She’s gotten bigger since I arrived and she eats lots of food. They give her something called “Clavamox” twice a day – they say it helps with the diarrhea. Here is a picture of her. She just looks rough because she hasn’t had her morning bottle yet. I’m taking care of her until she, too, is rescued.


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