There are times when it is best to accept that you are full of bad juju. I am officially declaring that I am aware that this is a bad time for me, and I am not going to hold this against myself.

Rocko died this morning. I couldn’t believe it – last night he was eating like a champ and purring for us. This morning he was barely moving and making the death cry. I hate starting the day taking a kitten to be put down at 7:30am. It’s just wrong for so many reasons.

To top it off, I was completely defeated by a stupid washcloth pattern. I know, a washcloth, what’s the big deal? Well, I had this big idea that I could design a washcloth with a Celtic knot on it. I made the cables, ripped them back, and made them again about 100 times. Linnea took a stab at it, making a chart so we could do just a knit/purl pattern with no cables. Nothing doing. Some parts of the design came to the front, some went to the back – it just didn’t look like anything recognizable.

I’m also working on a sock for a knit-along. It’s Earl Grey by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. The cable is pretty subtle in the picture I took, but in real life it is visible. It’s supposed to be subtle anyway, so that men will wear the socks without complaining. You can see what it’s supposed to look like when you click on the link. So far it’s coming along ok.

My crochet-along afghan is going well, though. I’ve been working on it while I am doing other things that require waiting, like when it isn’t my turn when we play board games or when I am letting a website load. I am way behind the others in the group, but provided none of my kittens turn sickly (I’m not willing to bet on that – Carrot still has diarrhea) I think it can be done soon. I think I am going to give it to someone at Christmas.

I had a photo shoot with the bigger kittens a few days ago. Most of the kittens I foster really like my yarn projects. I have to sit down to work on them, so the kittens get a nice lap. The projects themselves are pretty soft, and kittens enjoy cuddling them. The yarn and needles become toys that amuse sleepy kittens. I think it’s a good deal for the kitties!

Here’s Patch posing for me:

And Pumkin doing her diva impression:

And poor Tabitha just passed out from all the partying:

Serra found Tabby sleeping like that on the carpet and was apparently concerned. I don’t blame her with all the bad luck we’ve had with kittens here (Tabby is the last of her litter, and Carrot is the last of hers). It’s kind of cute how Serra and Wesley take care of some of the babies. Buttercup still believes that they are all disgusting and should be eaten alive, so that’s why I never ask her to babysit.

I have had a new arrival in the last few days, and I expect another tomorrow. This is Annie (or maybe Siren – she’s loud and sounds vaguely duck-like).

Wesley was kind enough to comfort her when she was feeling a little scared. Annie was found all alone in a warehouse. I’m wondering how someone so cute and well-cared-for got lost like that. No matter – I love her now. She could be Wesley’s little girl, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. I live in Hawaii and I am fostering too. I am new to this but it seems that we (Rescue Grps) are running into the same problem. Our kittens are healthy one minute and wobbly then death bed the next. No signs of anything to alert us. Only thing in common is paleness. Ears, gums. I lost my first foster on Thur 10-23-08. Another one who was the spunkiest of them all, was fine last night, this morning not eating and wobbly like the other. Do you know what is going on? It seems to be happening all across the island. Please email me if you know what it could be or how to prevent it. The last one went so fast it there was no getting a vets diagnosis. I am taking kitten in tonight to see a vet. But Please email me if you can if you are seeing a pattern here in your area. Mahalo,

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