Trusting my instincts

I lost another one this morning. Zia was just like Endora – she wasn’t gaining weight, she didn’t eat well. I knew that it was going to be a similar battle to the one I had with Endora, so I took her to the shelter to be euthanized. I would think that I would feel guilty about it, but I’ve learned that I have good instincts. The vet tech at the shelter let me stay with Zia until the drugs worked and she was gone. It was actually comforting for me to pet Zia while she was dying. I got to say good-bye, and the last thing she saw and felt was her mommy comforting her and loving her.

As you might imagine, Endora didn’t make it. She died before she got to the emergency hospital. It’s been a rough week.

On the bright side, I have high hopes for all the rest of the kittens. I think that some friends of mine might want to adopt Pumpkin or Patch – or maybe I can talk them into taking both! Tabitha is a little sick, and Wesley seems to have caught the same cold. Those two are both so food motivated that I think the cold won’t affect them so badly. It seems to be dehydration and malnutrition that gets the sick ones, and wet food has plenty of both.

I have to catch up on some knitting now that my hardest kittens are no longer with me. It’s nice to be able to create something when I’ve just had to destroy something I loved.


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