Disappearing time

Lately, time has been getting away from me. Tomorrow becomes 3 days from now, and the world doesn’t seem to even slow down in between. One day my kittens are well, and in no time they get sick (or the opposite happens). What happened to the days when I was a kid and tomorrow took forever to get here? I could use a few days like that now.

I think what sucks up my time are the kittens. There are 4 that require a lot of monitoring and care. Endora makes incremental improvements to her weight, only to slide back to where she started by the next morning. At least at this point she is no longer on daily sub-q fluids. I do give her a dose of Nutri-cal just to get some dense calories into her body, then I experiment with ways to make her want to eat more. She was attracted to dry food for awhile. Fair enough – I made sure it was available to her. She still lost weight, though. I tried giving her a better (to her) flavor of kitten food – I think a salmon and some other sort of fish flavor. That worked enough to keep her from losing weight, at least. Today I mixed in a little Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats – now this, she loves. I am just hoping that it keeps her interested enough to start getting bigger.

The bottle-feeders (Carrot, Rocko and Zia) love the Tuna for Cats as well. They don’t eat much solid food at this point – it’s mostly KMR, 3-4 times per day. They take a few bites of wet food after they get the bottle. Meanwhile, Tabby gets very jealous that the babies get a bottle and she no longer does. If I sit on the floor to feed a baby, she climbs into my lap and tries to swat the baby out of the way of the bottle. I have to take the tiny ones out of the room or feed them standing up.

When I’m not feeding babies, I let the bigger kittens out of their room to hang out with the family. It turns out that they are all into my spinning right now. Patch loves to play with my roving. Tabby and Pumpkin like to sit in my lap and watch. Endora likes to run across the treadles while they are moving. In their own way, they are all helping.

Despite all the hard work, and the time black hole, I know that I am appreciated. The bottle-babies purr for me when they get the bottle. Pumpkin and Patch give me kisses. Tabby runs to see me like I’ve been away for weeks.

And Endora?

She’s my biggest cheerleader of all!


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