Shedding Season

Shedding Season has begun. I am generally pretty lazy about brushing my adult cats, but during shedding season it becomes imperative that I remove all the dead fur. If I don’t do it, I have to clean up hairballs. I choose brushing since it is a good way to spend time with my cats. Plus, I gathered the fur from the brushes (which look just like wool cards) and stored it to spin. I am not planning to make a cat fur item, I just want to experiment.

As far as spinning goes, I finally got around to finishing my wheel today. There was a spot on the treadles that I missed entirely, and I had to work on the footman that I found after I had finished the rest of the wheel. This, of course, means that I won’t be spinning for awhile. Sigh.

I picked today to finish the wheel because I have a knitting deadline coming up, and I didn’t want any spinning projects sitting around tempting me. I am nearly finished with the baby dress for the baby shower on Sunday. I have completed the front and back, and I am now working on sewing it up and adding the sleeves and neckline. I am not going to get all arrogant and say “Oh great, this will be finished way early,” because I may find myself in possession of a few bottle-feeders soon. I got the call today while I was napping (I think I have a mild version of the flu), and I have to work out the details tomorrow.

I don’t believe I have given a comprehensive list of my current kittens. Who do we have now?

First, I have been reunited with Endora and Tabitha. They did not have names before my camping trip, but once they came back to be with me I took the opportunity to name them. The tabby kitten is Tabitha, aka Tabby or Tablet. We chose Endora because it makes a great fall name – Tabitha’s grandmother on Bewitched (wow, that was a long time ago…). The other 2 in that litter didn’t make it, or I’d probably have them, too.

I also have 2 of the temporary kittens from the great pre-camping kitten swap. One of the temporary foster parents named the little boy Patch, and we called the little girl Pumpkin – also great Halloween names that go well together! These are two of the sweetest kittens ever. Patch loves his people, but he loves to purr even more. Pumpkin likes to sit at my feet while I prepare her food. She’s a chubby little thing!

At least some of the kittens have diarrhea now. Poor Endora is on a downward weight spiral, so I know that she’s one of the affected. I know not all of the kittens are ill because I found a few normal poops in the box. Still, I started them all on Amoxi paired with probiotics. I have decided that any time I use antibiotics for kittens, I will start sprinkling probiotics on their food- no sense in letting all the good bacteria go with the bad.

It’s rough right now in the health area of fostering because all of the late season kittens tend to be a little sicker than the earlier ones. The moms are usually on a second or third litter, and they just aren’t up to producing healthy kittens. I wonder if the emaciated moms are easier for the feral cat trappers to catch? I mean, they have to be starving from feeding and growing all those kittens, and the traps are baited with food. I should ask someone about that.


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