2 Knitters for the Price of 1

One of my biggest goals from last weekend’s family visit was to teach my niece, Alexis, the very same yarncraft that I was also taught at the tender age of 4. I gave her a sampling of knit and crochet, and settled on the idea that she is best off if I start her with a knitting loom. When we returned from the camping trip, Michael and I went to return the rented minivan. I took Alexis on a trip to Joann’s. She has great taste in yarn. I told her that the yarn shop is the one place where you want to touch everything (with clean hands, of course). As she ran her hands along the fibers, Alexis found a brightly colored ribbon yarn so she could make a scarf for her brother.

I picked Michael up from the car rental office when Alexis and I finished shopping. “When we get home, can we do our knitting,” Alexis asked. I love that enthusiasm. She actually asked that question several more times over the next few days. 🙂

Alexis’ mother claimed that she doesn’t have the patience for something like knitting. “I need to show you a few things so that you can help Alexis with her knitting when I’m not around,” I informed Alicia. I showed her how to cast on to the loom, how to bind off, and how to make stitches.

On the last night that we were all together, we sent Alicia home with Michael and the kids, and my brother and I went out for coffee and one-on-one time. We talked about life in general, and he taught me some basic self-defense in light of the recent increase in crime in my neighborhood. This would be a good time to mention that my brother instructs other people in how to teach MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).

When my brother and I got home, we found Alicia watching TV on the pull-out bed next to the sleeping children. Guess what she was doing? That’s right, she was lured by knitting’s siren song. She was madly knitting stitch after stitch while watching the television. “It’s addicting,” she told me. Alicia was hoping that we would have time to teach her how to knit with straight needles, but since we ran short on time she decided to learn to knit via books and the internet at home. If she doesn’t manage, we are planning a trip next year, just the adults (to Hawaii), so she’ll learn then.

There is another order of business I wanted to mention. When I started writing, Carisa offered to do a guest blog at some point. She helps coordinate events and fosters for Rattie Ratz. The British term for baby rats is “kittens,” so I’m thinking that her post might be quite in keeping with me Knittin’ and Kittens theme. Look for her post in the near future!


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