Lord of Chaos

There is only one word to describe the last week, really. Chaos.

The four of these little dudes stayed with me for a few days. These are the kittens that came to me in the middle of the night earlier this week. They were all on the bottle, but as the days passed, they got more and more difficult to feed. I was worried no one would be willing to take them so we could go camping this weekend, but I managed to work out a trade. I gave an experienced foster parent the 9 kittens I had, then I took her easier-to-place 6 kittens. This time, karma worked for me. I took this older kitten named Abbey earlier this year. It turns out that I was the only person who responded to the plea to help her, so the woman who was in charge of her thought it was time to return the favor. She took 4 of the easy kittens, and another newer foster mom took the 2 sicker ones. What a relief!

It turns out that it was good to have a few kittens when we first arrived. My niece, Alexis, was really excited to see my cats. She was gentle and listened when I told her how to handle the big cats (and Wesley is a sucker for little girls). Blaine, my nephew, was another story. He is only a year old and has never really seen cats. He was terrified of the kitties! It doesn’t help that they are as big as he is. We were able to ease him into dealing with cats by showing him the smaller kittens.

I am not generally one for “cute kid stories” but I have one today. While we were out gathering supplies for our camping trip, Alexis managed to get her parents to buy her a fan and a pink, sparkly scarf. My brother (her father) found her new toys and dressed himself up for her. “Do I look pretty?” he asked. Keep in mind that my brother is a Marine, a little bit muscular with barely any hair – that alone was hilarious! Alexis was not amused, however, and she said “You look like a fuh..fuh…”. Oh, dear lord. We live in San Francisco. Please tell me she is not about to say what I think she is about to say. “You look like a fweak!” Whew!

Later on that day, Alexis asked about my knitting. I believed that this was the perfect opportunity to start teaching her the necessary skills so that she, too, can become a knitter/crocheter. I gave her some pink yarn (her favorite color next to purple – just like me!) and a crochet hook first. Her daddy came by and asked if she was making a chain. “No,” Alexis replied, “I’m making a sweater.” Pretty ambitious for a 4-year-old. She also helped me make some washcloths for her grandmother (my sister-in-law’s mother). I am so going to mold this child in my image. Narcissistic much?

I do believe that the entire family has some sort of yarn-crafter tendencies. When Alexis abandoned her crocheting (she is 4, after all), Blaine picked up the crochet hook. He then crawled across the bed to get the ball of pink yarn. He doesn’t have the manual dexterity to crochet yet, but he sure does know that a hook and yarn go together somehow.


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