9 is enough

I do have pictures to put on my blog, but you won’t be seeing them today. I have 9 kittens who need a lot of care. Some are sick (5 of them) some are bottle-dependent (a different subset of 5) and all need looking after every few hours.

I had 11 kittens yesterday. I was able to send Moonlight and Wisteria back to the shelter to head down the adoption highway, leaving me with 9. So wait, how did I end up with 9? I went to the shelter on Monday. Toni tried to convince me to take home 4 kittens who had just come in and needed bottle-feeding. I told her no, I had plenty. Besides I was just there to get her credit card so I could pick up kitten food for the group. She convinced Naomi (not Wisteria’s Naomi) to take them. Naomi hung out at the shelter too long, though, and just before she left someone brought in 6 10-day-old abandoned kittens. That left her with a total of 12 (the other 2 are a pair she had before all this named Christopher and Robin). She called me later than night and asked me to take some of them off her hands. I can’t leave someone who has a full-time job, plus a petsitting business on the hook for 12 kittens who must be bottle-fed. Crud – now I’m overworked, too.

Since my brother is coming to town tomorrow, I have to be rid of those kittens very soon. My sister-in-law is a little bit allergic, and with 12 cats in the house it seems kind of dangerous for her. She hasn’t had a reaction to my adult cats, and of course, 9 of those cats are babies, and it is very hard to be allergic to kittens. They don’t make the dander that people are allergic to because they don’t wash themselves. The dander comes from saliva. In addition to all of that, we are going to be camping and away from the house for a few days.

I have no time to knit, crochet or spin. I am hoping to have some time when I unload the kittens. Let’s hope I live that long.


One thought on “9 is enough

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