I’m thinking of changing the theme on my blog. This one is ok, but I think that I would like something that allows me to organize my page a little differently. The thing is, my current theme does not seem to be an option anymore, so once I change I can’t come back. I just don’t want anyone to freak out if you’re a regular reader and the blog looks different!

On Wednesday, I traded in the smallest 5 kittens for 6 who needed me more. My guys got the good end of the deal – they are staying with Toni in her huge house. She tells me they are happy and playing a lot. They have a cold though, just like every other cat in town. Carisa’s adult cat started sneezing, the 5 kittens I traded are sneezy and have conjunctivitis (pink-eye), Wisteria has red, gooey eyes, and most of the other foster parents’ kittens are sick. My own cats even had a minor cold for a day or 2. Interesting. Only Moonlight seems to have been spared.

One of the 6 new kittens was older (I think 5 weeks old), had good teeth, and was eating on his own. He’s the guy in the bottom left corner of the picture. The thing is, he died Friday morning. I think he was a bit like Sundae – way too small and failing to thrive. The night before he died, he was only 185g. I was planning to ask if we could euthanize him in the morning if he had lost more weight, but I guess he knew it was his time just as much as I did.

The next piece of work is Snuffles. He has cloudy eyes and he’s stuffed up so badly he has to take breaks from the bottle to catch his breath. He was losing weight, too, but in the last few days he seems to have maintained his weight. I’ve been using a Vicks plug-in vapor diffuser to help clear his sinuses enough to eat and sleep. He actually seems better now – his eyes have cleared up a little and he’s more cheerful. I was going to ask to put him out of his misery as well, but I think that maybe I had better wait in light of his improvement.

Number 3 is a black boy kitten with some sort of leg trouble. He’s a sweetheart, totally chubby and strong, but when he walks it’s like his legs can’t support his weight – we wobbles, practically swimming with his back legs. When he’s off the bottle he’ll be checked out more thoroughly, perhaps for a neurological issue.

The other 3 are normal weaning kittens. There is a black girl – still on the bottle, a grey tabby that looks very similar to Snuffles, and a dark brown tabby who is eating on his own mostly, but wants the bottle for comfort reasons.

Moonlight has gotten big enough to be spayed now. I am giving her just a few more days because she seems to have relatively large (50g) swings in her weight. If she has to fast before her surgery, she could wake up too small and she’ll have to wait in the shelter longer. Plus, she can use the socializing.

I have some very wonderful news about Wisteria. My friend Naomi (from the spinning class I took recently) is planning to adopt her! I was worried that no other home would be good enough for my little sheep-kitten, but I am totally sold on Naomi. The whole family met my kitten and handled her well. They listened to my advice about her behavior. They also agreed to keep her indoors because she will be stolen otherwise. I feel good about this adoption, so I can let her go. Plus, I get to see her from time to time in the future. What a relief. 😀

Speaking of spinning, I finished and plied the merino/tencel. I decided to make it a 2-ply, and I am keeping it myself. I have no idea what to make with it, but since when do I need a reason to keep a skein of yarn?


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