Let it go

I made yarn! I think it took me something like 12 hours altogether, but I have about 190g/535 yarns of worsted weight, 3-ply wool yarn. It’s a little scratchier than I like, but the scratchier yarns are easier for a beginner to work up.

I made this yarn in a colorway that I am not find of. The reason is, I want to be able to give it away or sell it. I have a hard time giving up yarn. If I continue to make yarn, however, it will overrun my house. I won’t be able to knit all of it, and it will be wasted just lying around. I think I am going to make a supply of yarn and open an etsy store. I may be new to spinning, but this is one thing that I am really good at, so I have grand ideas for my spinning future.

I’ve also spun something that I think I want to keep for myself.

It’s the merino/tencel blend I got from Urban Fauna. I had a hard time getting the hang of spinning a fiber like tencel, but it just took a few inches, maybe a few feet before I caught on. It’s very fine. I’m not sure if I am going to make this a 3-ply yarn or a 2-ply. I like 3-ply because I understand it wears better. However, 2 ply is easier to spin and it could make a very nice yarn. I think I’ll just get started on a second bobbin and see how I feel.

At long last, a decision I have been putting off is demanding to be addressed. On Tuesday, Wisteria made weight. She is technically adoptable now. The thing is, I can’t bring myself to let her go. I loved her from the moment I first saw her. Shoot, everyone does. She is so pretty, so unusual, so fluffy… Wisteria also has good manners. She is polite to Buttercup and doesn’t press their relationship. She and Serra have a jolly time playing together. When Wisteria is out of the kitten room, I never have to worry where she is – I just look down to my feet.

The thing is, keeping Wisteria would be a big deal. She would be the first foster kitten I ever kept. I would have 4 cats – that’s a lot of attention to give. I wouldn’t have the bandwidth anymore to keep a long-term foster kitten if something came up. It’s one more mouth to feed, one more cat to haul to the vet. Right now, Wisteria is a lot of work. It’s one thing when the kittens are generally contained in the kitten room. If Wisteria were to become mine, I’d have to let her out. She wants to play with me late at night. She needs to be protected from Buttercup. She is terrible at keeping her hind-end clean, and I have to do it for her (I really hope she learns to care for it herself soon).

This is agonizing. It makes parting with my yarn seem very easy in comparison. I thought about the idea of trying to get someone I know to take her, but all my friends are cat people with plenty of cats already. I’ve parted with another cat who I loved as much once before. Her name was Margo (I’m sure her new people have changed it by now). She was this shiny black mom cat with intense orange eyes. She had the same quality that I love in Wisteria – a bright, shining outlook on life. She was self-confident, happy, and affectionate. I still think about Margo a lot. I hope she isn’t a cat who was abandoned (or will be) when her people lose their house to foreclosure. I have no way of knowing.

I have a little more time to meditate on this. My brother and his family will be here in just 2 weeks. We are leaving town to go camping, so I either have to return Wisteria then or adopt her. I am hoping Moonlight will be ready by then, too.

In the meantime, I have continued to knit the baby dress. I’ve added some pink stripes and spots for interest. I was stupid, however, and left the project at Carisa’s house last night, so I can’t work on it today. I’ll just spin instead.


4 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. I feel like I should comment too. Here’s nothing of substance! 🙂 I just knew that your brother would be here this month… ok. I contributed.

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