The saga of the wheel

It arrived on Friday, just like Jamie and Blas said it would. I dropped Michael off at an appointment and rushed to Urban Fauna, excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Parking is really hard in San Francisco, but the spot right in front of the store was open. Blas had already confirmed that all the pieces were there and had the box waiting at the front of the store. He even carried it out to the car for me!

After getting the wheel, I picked Michael up and went home. I emptied the box, laid out some paper and got to oiling all the parts. It took a few hours to do, and it just happened to be one of the hottest days in San Francisco ever.

Well, I thought it was all of the parts. After the Danish Oil dried overnight, I carried all the parts upstairs from the garage. Michael and I set about assembling the wheel, when I realized that I couldn’t find a part called for in the instructions. I knew right away I must have missed one in the box. How dare it hide from me!

I chose to assemble the whole thing anyway, with the one unfinished part standing out. I’ll get some of my spinning fix, then finish the wheel and let it dry another 24 hours. I tell you, this is torture. I want the wheel to last for a long time, so I need to make sure it is properly finished. I know that the moisture in the air and the temperature changes can permanently warp my wheel, but how much can it do in a week’s time when the wheel lives indoors?

It’s not like I don’t have knitting and crocheting to do. I am only about 1/3 of the way through the baby dress, and I am making steady progress on the Crochet-Along afghan. Plus, I just got 2 video games to work on: I just topped off my collection of The Sims 2 expansions with Apartment Life and started feeding another obsession with Spore. I also have a daily game of Agricola that I play with Michael and whoever else happens to be over that day.

My knitting group has finished the last of the hats for Kristy’s hat project. The monkey in the corner is just adorable. Carisa sent them to Kristy on Thursday. Does anyone know the total number we made?

One more thing – I think I found another avatar to use somewhere – probably here. How perfect is this? It came from a pair of pajamas. It might have come from the kids department at Target. I also might have purchased a matching one for my niece who is coming to visit in a few weeks. I’ll never tell.


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