It might be back.

Ringworm. That nasty little fungus among us that we can’t seem to eradicate. It might be back. Barnacles! Here’s what happend:

I noticed for the last few days that several of the girl kittens had dark wax in their ears. I cleaned them out, but then I started noticing that more kittens had it. I folded back Ling Ling’s ear, and inside was this coffee-grounds like substance. I immediately suspected ear mites, but I was uncertain because the kittens did not have smelly ears, they did not shake or scratch their heads, and they seem in otherwise good shape. I decided to take them in to the shelter vet today, and she confirmed that they did indeed have ear mites.

“They have ringworm, too,” the vet told me. I told her that I thought it was actually food-face. Every time I come in to see the kittens, they have lots of food stuck to their faces. For some reason they can’t seem to get the hang of the after dinner face bath that the older cats do. When I wash their faces, fur comes off with the stuck-on food. Besides, ringworm doesn’t strike just one kitten at time, and Wisteria and Moonlight looked impeccably clean…

But then I got home. I let the kittens out into their room, and picked up Wisteria. Then I noticed that she has awfully thin fur between her eyes and her ears. No one else is missing fur, but now that the idea has been planted in my head, I am worried. It all looks like ringworm. Even if it’s not. I asked Michael to pick up a blacklight somewhere on his way home from work, so I’ll know in a few hours. These are going to be the longest few hours I’ve waited in a long time.


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