I bought it! I got the Ashford Traveller from Urban Fauna yesterday. Ashford mailed it today and it should be here any day now. It’s only coming from Washington state to San Francisco, so it shouldn’t be long. Oh, joy (no, Traveller)! I can’t wait to take it home and finish it to match my niddy noddy, then spin the heck out of my fiber stash.

I can’t stop raving about Urban Fauna. Jamie sent me the invoice today and told me that the fiber combs I also ordered were on backorder. As a special touch, she researched a tutorial about how to use the combs so she could help me out. How nice is she? I like giving my business to people like that.

There is barely any news to give about the kittens. They are growing bit by bit. They have gotten to a more playful stage now, so when we let them into the kitchen we end up with a zoo full of wrestling, attention seeking sand burrs. Seriously, when I get across the kitchen I often have at least 2 kittens clinging to my pants legs and I have to pluck them off. Their little claws snag my pants (I have to remember to not wear knit materials and only wear jeans!) and I get the same ripping noise as the burrs. As fast as I can remove them, the kittens reattach themselves to my legs. Such pests (but I love them)!

I am hoping to catch a video of this sometime, but Wisteria learned a new trick. I keep a baby gate up in the doorway between my kitchen and my living room. Sometimes I will step over the gate to do other things while the kittens are out. Monday morning I noticed that Wisteria was in the living room, but I couldn’t recall having let her out. I asked Michael if he had done it, but he hadn’t. I let her roam (she needs very little supervision because she is respectful of my adult cats), and thought nothing of it. I’m a little senile sometimes and forget things that I just did. I stepped back over into the kitchen, and in moments Wisteria came flying over the gate like the sheep you might count before falling asleep. It was kind of incredible. I left the kittens in the kitchen this morning so they could have more space to play while I did some computer stuff. Despite me not letting her out, Wisteria was peeping in the office a few minutes later. She came running to my chair and asked to be picked up. I love that all she wants is to be where I am. I never have to worry about her wandering off because of that. Man, am I going to miss her when she’s ready to go. At least I got to have her for awhile.

Tiki and Ling Ling have been a little unwell. Tiki cries a bit when I pick her up, I think because I am putting pressure on her gassy tummy. I have been putting probiotics in their food and feeding her Gripe Water a few times a day to alleviate the gas. Otherwise, she is playful and alert. Ling Ling is still kind of tiny. He is a full 100g behind the next smallest kitten now. I started to worry about him the last few days he was on the bottle. He couldn’t manage to drink it without getting some milk in his lungs, so I got him onto food as fast as I could. I didn’t want him to aspirate and die just because I was too lenient with the bottle. Now he isn’t really growing, and I am wondering if it’s related to the reason he started inhaling the milk. Poor guy.

After we sent Sunshine to the shelter, Moonlight reverted to her semi-feral ways. She ran every time we opened the kitten room door, she hid behind her bed when I visited her – it was a mess. I felt like a really bad person for taking her sister away. All I can figure is that Moonlight felt very confident with people if she was with her sister, but now that she can’t draw courage from Sunshine, poor Moon is scared out of her mind. I thought all the socializing we and several friends did was swirling down the toilet. Lo and behold, On Monday she got over her fear. I can’t figure out why. She stopped running away and she even purrs when we pet her.

When Michael gave her a magic neck rub tonight, Moonlight dropped her head back to revel in it, exposing her vulnerable neck and tummy. I have such a hard time understanding how 48 hours ago she couldn’t find any reason to trust us, but suddenly today we have the magic touch that she’s been craving. I have decided that the inner workings of a cat’s mind are not for mere humans to understand.

Well, let’s not give up on her yet.


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