In deep

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I keep taking on projects despite my new, self-imposed 6 WIP limit. Here’s what happened:

Earlier today I received my Lion Brand email. They talk about new products as well as offer free patterns, pattern stitches, advice, etc. This time they tempted me into a Crochet Along (CAL). I have plenty of stray Lion Brand Wool-ease around, so I thought, “Sure, I should do this.” I mean, it’s an afghan – it should take lots of yarn! It has the added benefit of reducing my stash. I was merrily putting all my new WIPs on Ravelry when – tartar sauce – I discovered that this one makes 7. I wanted to stay at or below 6. I’m going to defend my decision to do it anyway by pointing out that there is a time limit here – 6 weeks. Maybe I can give it to someone as a Christmas present. I should have the baby dress done within the next 7 days, so I won’t be above my limit for long.

The baby dress is coming along well. The measurements are coming out spot-on (for the moment) and it’s working up quickly. The pattern is easy to remember – there are 3 stockinette rows and 1 row with a 9 stitch repeat. The yarn is just fabulous! I love Berroco Comfort in all its different weights. It’s nylon and acrylic, washable, and soft as can be.

In other news, I sent Sunshine to the shelter today. They are going to see if she is accepted by the other shelter we work with. If not, I’ll pick her back up and try on my own to get her into a good home. She has been super nice, and she did well when she was handled by all the staff at the front desk. As soon as she was put into a cage though, she cringed in the back and flattened her ears. Moonlight has been hiding since I took Sunshine away. I’m worried that they are bonded and need each other for security.

Wisteria is getting close to being available for adoption now. I’m guessing 10 days away. I’m not sure I am ready to give her up…


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