How sweet

How sweet are these kittens? Many of them are kissers. They love to sniff our lips and occasionally lick them. The babies love to rub their faces on Michael’s stubble – I think it’s like a mommy tongue. It’s really gross when Puddles rubs his nasty, food covered face against our nice, clean ones, but what are you going to do? He’s a sweetheart, a lover, and I wouldn’t want it any other way (but I’m not going to lick him clean. Yuck!).

This is what feeding time looks like now. It is a zoo in that kitten room with so many hungry kittens. As you can see, Moonlight thinks we are good cooks. 🙂

With so many kittens, it really is hard to give each one the time he/she deserves. When I sit down, they all want to be in my lap. I actually love the big family love fest, but it’s hard to fit that many babies in.

The picture looks a little weird because I Photoshopped the image off of my t-shirt. I use old clothes that I no longer care for when hanging out with the kittens since they are likely to be clawed to pieces.

Despite the large, needy family, I’ve managed to start and finish a few knit projects. I know, I know, I had done so well getting my WIP list down. I have 2 deadlines coming up. My sister-in-law and brother are coming in a few weeks, and I would like to send them back with 2 set of dishcloths – one for them and another that they are giving away as a gift. I am also attending a baby shower in a few weeks (I think 5), so I am making a baby dress. I don’t think that the mother reads my blog, so I’ll post the pictures as it comes along.

Here are the dishcloths (the whole set of 3):

Yes, I can count. The third and fourth pictures are of the same dishcloth. It’s an illusion knit – when viewed head-on, it just looks like a regular, striped dishcloth. When viewed from an angle, it looks like a checkerboard. Cool, no? You can put any hidden design you like in these things.

The baby dress is going to be made in Berroco Comfort dk. I am making it mostly in lilac with yellow and pink accents. The color names are something more frou-frou on the color card – I’m practical and call ’em how I see ’em. I’ve only worked on the swatch at this point. I didn’t get gauge and I had to go down a needle size. It won’t be so bad if I’m a little off since the baby will grow into it pretty quickly. Still, I don’t want her to have to wait until she’s 7 to try it on.

What do you think of these pictures for Sunshine’s advertisement? Do they make you want to take her home?


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