It’s good to want things

I’ve realized that for once in a long time, I have a list of things that I really want but can’t or shouldn’t have now. The top of that list is probably Wisteria. I love her so much. The thing is, I also love my other 3 cats and my husband. Of the 4 of them, I think only Serra would be happy if I adopted another kitten. Sigh.

What else is on that list?

  • Well, there’s a spinning wheel. I have a favorite at the moment, but I am planning to try out a few more and wait until I have a house with a craft room for it.
  • I also want a drum carder. I understand that brand isn’t so important. I can get that soon because it’s smaller (and I can still spin the fiber on my spindle). The thing is, I am waiting until August 30th when a spinning (and knitting) supply store with set business hours opens here in town. I have high hopes for Urban Fauna Studio. I talked to Blas, the proprietor of the store, and he was so nice. I think he spoke with me for about 20 minutes about what the store will carry, what events they have planned, etc.
  • I want/need a niddy noddy to skein my handspun yarn. I have to wait for the store to open for that, too.
  • I want a freaking house! The housing market is so expensive here in San Francisco. A modest house (I’m talking small 3/2) goes for about $1,000,000. No, I didn’t add an extra 0. We weren’t hit by the housing crisis, and what’s more, houses in the safe neighborhoods near public transit have continued to appreciate in value.

I believe that if you don’t want anything (and I’m not just talking about material posessions here) then you have no reason to live. What’s the point in waking up in the morning if you don’t want to accomplish anything? I think that’s why a lot of people die right after they retire: they want nothing else from the world. Me – I’m not going to die for a reason like that. There’s always something else to knit. Besides, I always want to do something to make the world better, from raising foster kittens or making the entire country no-kill. Those are some mighty big goals.

Speaking of big goals – I have completed every goal I set for the Ravelympics. Jen’s socks were my final goal. I finished them with just a few hours to spare. I had been sick (still am, actually) for most of the day and I thought that I might miss my goal. I guess ambition won out here and I got them done. I won’t be mailing them until I finish designing a cat toy for Jen’s cats, but that will go much more quickly.

It feels good to be down to 3 (and a half – I still need to make a second kilt sock for Donald) WIPs. All I have left is:

  1. Blaine’s baby blanket
  2. Carisa’s afghan
  3. Clapotis

That’s it. Ideally I’ll keep it down to 6 from here out. I do have to start a set of 3 dishcloths soon since my brother’s family will be here in a few weeks and I want to send them home with the cloths. I think that those will take at most 3 days. I also want to start a piece of cat furniture from a pattern I got here. After Buttercup burrowed into a shelf of my stash yarn, I promised to make her something if she just didn’t do that anymore. I don’t mind her sleeping with the yarn, but she tends to wreck my nice, neat, and (for once) organized piles. I haven’t made anything for them in a long time and they keep snuggling the cat afghan I just made. It’s sweet, and I want to give them something of their very own.

So, I am going to go to sleep with just a few things left on my WIP list. I wonder what it will feel like..?


One thought on “It’s good to want things

  1. Having 1-2 projects feels weird, so I’d prefer 3-4. I don’t think I’d finish half my things if I kept adding to my WIPs list like you have done. I’m impressed with your dedication to finish your last Ravelympics event! Way to win the gold! (I got silver, but would have had the gold had the Ravelympics gone as long as I thought they were going to when I originally planned all my projects…)

    I’ve got some projects in mind if you or anyone else would like to make some unique charity projects! 🙂

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